Tips to Use Social Media Presence to Build Brand Loyalty

Well social media users are constantly presented with content when they scroll down through their favorite platforms and for most of us, we tend to check sites multiple times everyday. To be honest, social media is an excellent resource to stay updated on various current events as well as connecting with family and friends with engaging businesses online. They are brands which are looking to leverage the popularity of various social platforms to reach to various users. Social media campaigns can be effective to build brand recognition or foster brand loyalty which significantly contribute to business growth right through social media.   There are brands which are outside the lifestyle sector who thinks that social media campaigns won’t be effective…

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Cool Tips on using #tags for Successful Marketing

“#” does the sign looks familiar? We love to insert this sign wherever we are posting. Be it #picnicfungirls or even our emotional mood like #sadlonely. This is the sign which is used by each and every digital marketing expert along with a social network freak and many more. This hash tag is surely the key component in nearly the social as well as content marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ as well as Tumblr. In fact to bring any topic in the trending list, this popular symbol is the key. But like every other thing, hashtags are very confusing for content marketers too. Yes we know how to use them but are certainly to a greater extent…

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Small Business Marketing Trends on Social Media

Social media marketing is gaining momentum especially for startups and small business owners. Recently conducted Social Media Marketing Industry Report has revealed some astonishing facts. This survey report is going to shed light upon hitherto unknown or ignored aspects of this industry as because not less than 3720 business owners, marketers and solopreneurs from Europe and USA have took part in this survey. This article will focus upon a few important points that are as follows: Do social media work for small business enterprises? On an average what is the time spent by other small business behind Social Media Marketing? What is the style of average contents for Social Media Marketing? At which platform do most of the business owners…

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