What Is The Importance Of Tags In Terms Of SEO

Improving the visibility of your website is certainly not an easy task. Increase traffic as well as boost the brand’s revenue, a strong SEO campaign is very necessary. To be very honest, while building backlinks as well as developing the social media presence along with off-site practices, boosting the site’s rankings with on-page optimization is very important. Now one of the most crucial aspects of on-page SEO is tags. Be it the title tags, header tags or the Meta tags or blog post tags, there have been increased traffic and boosted engagement. A Brief Insight Into Tags Tags are generally used to clarify the content in a specific way. This should be made easier for the search engines to understand…

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Professional Skills And Tactics Concerned With Link Building

Are you aware of the term Link building? A free of link building will never be completely dead and who want to be free. A life free of link building would surely mean a life filled with bad reviews, no branding power and all the things which we care about. Link building is surely a challenging work as there need to be certain strategies which will help you to build quality link. Here are the links building strategies in the year 2016.   Content Marketing Source: http://bit.ly/20YWPW7 Take the example that you are pouring yourself into a 2000-word killer piece of content and are waiting to pour traffic into the website. Maybe your social media has everything covered but there…

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Top 5 SEO Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been an integral element in the world of Digital Marketing. Needless to say without SEO your website page ranks would not rise during the appearance of Organic Search results. So SEO is a must to showcase your website before a good number of audience. Let’s see what new things are in store regarding SEO in 2016.   SEO and Social Media Google+ the pet social-media platform of Google has been more or less ditched by itself. That’s why significance of others have raised considerably. Importance of social-media is not new but for last couple of years it has grown up in stature regarding its influence upon SEO. Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Pinterest; all of…

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How Google’s Core Algorithm Updates Impact your Site Ranks

Recently many Webmasters and SEOs have reported big changes in ranks at Google. Its reply regarding all these hue and cry is because of ongoing updates for its Core Algorithm. Removing shroud of mystery Google’s Garry Illyes said that these are changes in ‘core algorithm’ and ‘not penguin’. As Webmasters are curious to see which expected Penguin updates will hit the platform- as it is expected to do so early this year- noticing some changes in overall rankings many people quickly react and term this to be Penguin update.   However, according to Google, these are just some updates at core ranking algorithm. The huge hue and cry was however not without basis as volatile results appear with search results…

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How Artificial Intelligence would Influence SEO Methods in 2016

To sort out SERPs or search engine result pages the latest technique used by Google is named as ‘RankBrain’. The name is used for AI system’s machine learning which is mainly used to process the search results. Do you know what’s machine learning? This is the sector of IT that is still in its nascent stage. Through this, the computer itself would be able to guide itself how to perform a task instead of being instructed by a set of complex codes.   The full form of AI is ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and is the process through which computers become equally smart as us. It’s still not clear whether it will be equal with us but regarding receival and understanding of…

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