Best Practices For Ranking Your Online Store At Top

This is not a hidden fact that your Ecommerce store can be easily displayed at organic search list of popular browsers like Google or Bing. Most important factors of making your site rank higher are to show authority with your contents and backlinks; ease of crawling and show relevance with your keywords which you target. But in this matter, one thing should be kept in mind that for highly competitive searches to display your sites with them is not a matter of joke and couple of hours. For gaining quick results please resort to PPC or ‘Paid Per Click’ format of advertisement because you have to be patient with SEO.   If you want to explore the second option, SEO…

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Top 10 Tricks to Make your Online Store Festival Ready

Holiday season is knocking on our door and if you’re an Ecommerce or online store owner this is the right time to make a final checking of your site and see if it’s fully prepared to face the high traffic of holiday season. This may give you a guranteed high ROI and publicise your brand. We have enlisted top 10 tips to ensure a high security and superbly rich marketing features loaded experience so that you can confidently face the holiday rush hours.   1. No abrupt changes to layout or navigation According to industry experts modifications in the codebase, functionality and user experience should be totally avoided during the beginning of the holiday season. Introducing basic chnges in store’s…

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Probable Reasons behind Lower Rate of Conversion from your Online Store

Primary aim of an Ecommerce website is to have a growing rate of successful conversion. Obviously first thing is to design and develop such a site that would attract customers and compel them to stop by and search through goods or services. But then your aim is to register profit from your business and for that your website should be optimized in a way so as to register higher rate of conversion. Strong PPC campaign and great SEO support your marketing department but your website plays crucial role in calling the ultimate shot. If in spite of applying every tool of digital marketing you’re unable to reach your aim then following reasons may be playing foul. Let’s do a brief…

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