Why Magento is the Best Software for Enterprise Ecommerce

Online entrepreneurs often face this dilemma that is to choose the best CMS platform for their site. Much of your business success depends on this selection. We have done an extensive research on this matter and what came up as result was truely astonishing. The name that came up at top is Magento.   All businesses are not built alike. If you own a fast-growing online enterprise then solutions with one-size-fits-all and cookie cutter would not be your answer. Online stores are not made for permanent status and to grow further there should be options for customization. Customization is the need of the hour as with time site needs to be upgraded. Now let’s see why we have zeroed in…

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Magento 1 Or Magento 2 Should I Stay Afoot Or Migrate?

‘If I go there will be trouble and if I stay it will be double’; how does this lyric holds ground for you when you are thinking about migrating to Magento 2.0? When you want a migration is it the right time? Which things play vital roles in migration decision? Here we are searching the answers. Magento 2.0 was released in Nov. 17th. Let’s check if this is the most finely tuned software piece or not? As per the official number around 240,000 shops are based upon Magento 1.0. So how far is it possible for such a huge number of businesses to migrate towards Magento 2.0. Here we have sorted out top 3 questions: What’s the right time for…

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How to Grow your Ecommerce Business with the Suggestive Tools and Solutions

Building your own online or web store is certainly not an easy task. Well you can choose your preferred ecommerce platform for developing and building your web shop, list all your products and upload them and make your site live. But that is certainly not enough. Whatever eCommerce platforms you use, be it WooCommerce or Magento, there are different tools which might help to launch an online shop. But this advanced as well as essential will surely offer you long-term growth and success. There are various functionalities along with eCommerce best practices which you can prioritize and consider opting for your own site. Here are the areas as well as the tools which will help to get the work done.…

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How Magento can Help you to Raise your Online Business?

In the present world of business one particular front is making great news with its proliferating growth rate and that is Ecommerce market. Out of the many open source and paid Ecommerce platforms Magento runs top with its dynamic set of features. For developing your Ecommerce store you can avail of its advanced and unique functionalities along with immense power of control as an admin. For different businesses customized, flexible and rich features laden Ecommerce stores can be developed for reaping maximum benefits. Some important features are as follows that raises the favorability of Magento.   Magento helps in creating various promotional offers. Magento helps in to increase the exchange rate. Online sale is increased by its improved price management…

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How to Host a Magento Website?

For a beginner Magento admin one of the trickiest affairs is to choose the right host. There are some criteria to choose the right host such as amount of site traffic or top requirements for running your Ecommerce website. Before delving deeper into the intricacies of choosing a host for your Magento website, let us see at the common features of a web host.   At first how will you define web hosting? For placing the entire web content on server, we need a web host. Options are available to host your site via your personal server but it is an expensive clue. Another option is to buy a certain disk amount of a server or taking it up on…

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