Google being the Almighty

“To search is to Google and to Google is to search”. The success of Google is evident when the company has made its name on the page of the dictionary as a verb. Two genius researchers, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin founded Google organization from its parent company Alphabet Inc. They started the journey as a search engine and witnessed a huge success within a few spans of years. The rapid growth of Google has triggered a chain of products beyond Google’s core search engine. It offers services like, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, for work and productivity, Gmail, for email, Google Calendar, for time management, Google Drive for cloud storage, Duo, Hangouts for instant messages and video chat,…

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Analyzing the Use of Hashtags in an Effective Way

A hashtag is  wonder in the last past decade. It was born to manage the need as well as the sense of social media buzz. This was active as well as creative in the user adoption supporting hashtag adding to the popular social media platforms. Internet language over the past few years has taken off and is a huge part of the evolution. Hashtags are often followed by a keyword and they are used for categorization right on social media. Hashtags have really high value. There are certain stats, and info given below which should make understanding, appreciating as well as using hashtags very easy.   What does research say   If you are looking for a complete arrangement on…

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Top Promises Made by Sundar Pichai at India’s Google Event

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is in India. This is the first overseas trip to India of this India-born CEO of this big US technology giant. Well the top executives from Google as well as Youtube have talked about the plans for the company for India. Here are some of the key takeaways which should be focused about what Google CEO has said. 1. 100 stations which go live along with Wi-fi by the end of 2016 The giant of technology Google will surely bring the connectivity of internet to nearly 100 railway stations across the country by the end of next year. The agreement had been signed by the telecom wing of the Indian Railway and RailTel along…

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7 Ways You Can Try To Take Challenge Against Google

When we hear the term Search Engine Optimization, the instant thought that comes into our mind is optimizing for Google. It certainly makes sense given the dominance of Google in the market. Most of the search optimizer is now hooked on to Google as it is one of the most recognizable brands on our planet. However the scenario is shifting and much needed prominence from Google is also somewhat drifting you away. Here are seven alternatives along with trends which demands significant attention from search marketing campaign.   1. More searches are made by personal digital assistants than the web The first and foremost steps involves considering how many personal digital assistants are thee in the market with examples like…

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Google’s biggest search competitor is none other than Amazon

Well it is always race in the technological world especially with the rapidly developing web services. SEO services are seriously into prominence with the strive of each tech companies to be on top of the race. As obviously among all the tech companies, the name of the American multinational company Google is frequently heard. Given its rising popularity in the SEO sector, Google certainly has a wide lot of competitors. According to reports, Google’s Eric Schmidt has remarked that the organization is facing threat from all sides and Google’s biggest search competitor is obviously Amazon. Amazon is electronic commerce company settled in Seattle in the United States. The company was incorporated by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 on July…

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