2016 Top 16 Advertising Tips for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns through Social-media channels are gaining in popularity as more and more audiences are registering with them. In this article we are focusing upon tips to run highly successful ad campaigns on Facebook. Let’s take a look at them. 1. Zero in on your Goals Remember that like every other sectors of life this is a good practice to zero in on your goals before you begin your work. Don’t be in this false notion that aim to attract more traffic to your Facebook page and engaging more followers are similar things. These are 2 different parameters and call for different values. That’s why select the Ad Type cautiously. New Ad Scheming recommends various ad formats on the basis…

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Analyzing the Use of Hashtags in an Effective Way

A hashtag is  wonder in the last past decade. It was born to manage the need as well as the sense of social media buzz. This was active as well as creative in the user adoption supporting hashtag adding to the popular social media platforms. Internet language over the past few years has taken off and is a huge part of the evolution. Hashtags are often followed by a keyword and they are used for categorization right on social media. Hashtags have really high value. There are certain stats, and info given below which should make understanding, appreciating as well as using hashtags very easy.   What does research say   If you are looking for a complete arrangement on…

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The merger and break up of technological giants

Well there are mergers and break up among companies in the technological sector. Big shots in the industry like Facebook, Whatapp, Ecommerce websites like eBay undergoing recent change as well as developments. Here are some of recent merger as well breakup in the industry. HP to break down into two units 75 year old company Hewlett-Packard is a brand when it comes to computer enterprise industry. The company has announced a split recently to divide it two enterprises thus separating its two businesses. The split is to take place between its technological services and the personal- computer services and the printer business. During the recent year, the company has witnessed latest resurrection procedure. However here has been discussion about the…

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