Portfolio Bid Strategies: Advanced Addition to Adwords Automated Biddings


Successful Adwords campaigns are carried forward by a successful bidding process. Bidding helps you to correctly choose revenue driving keywords and specify other areas which bring in high profit. Now, very soon Google will roll out revamped automated bidding processes for Adwords. This year further Adwords updates will simplify formation of bid strategies which will perfectly align with performance goals.


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Earlier advertisers received outstanding results after they implemented automated bidding strategies to their ad campaigns. It greatly improved conversions and in the end raising their ROI. Automated bidding strategies best optimize bids for every auction. New revamp will let you modify workflow in your favor.


It will let you directly add or create new items with your portfolio bid strategies which can be set from your campaign settings. Earlier this phase would take a longer route from Shared Library. Now there is no such need.


New workflow will include a new naming process of bid strategy types as mentioned below:

  • Renaming these flexible strategies as portfolio bid strategies would indicate portability of a single strategy. This strategy can be applied to multiple ad groups, campaigns and in some cases keywords also.
  • Contrary to the above-mentioned portability strategy; a single campaign strategy is called standard bid strategy.
  • For simplification of nomenclature, now onwards Conversion Optimizer for new bid strategies will be known as Target CPA. Still the Target CPA will be implemented as standard or portfolio bid strategy.

Along with nomenclature updates, some vital functionality updates are as follows:

  • Portfolio version can be enhanced for allowing you to set up various CPA goals targeting individual ad groups. For example if as a clothing retailer who has multiple accessories as ad groups, you can lower CPA targets for socks in comparison to other categories which have higher value, per average order.
  • Bidding strategies will be created by managers at Campaign Setting tab without any need to open the Shared Library.

However, these bid strategies could not be implemented to universal app or video campaigns.


The month of December last year saw an addition of new reporting features along with automated features. With time, these new features will start to show up in your account. For example, new status updates will provide added information with each bidding strategy.


Successful PPC Adwords campaigns are better set by professionals and hiring a reputed digital marketing service is the best option. If you want to set best functional and affordable ad campaigns, you need to implement strategies set by professional services.

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