Mistakes that needs to be avoided in a Structured Data.


If you really want to add structured data it is a good idea but before adding it you must be knowing the exact way of implementation. More and more emphasis are being put on the importance of SEO and placement of keyword rightly in order to gain maximum place in the search history of Google browser. The sad thing about structured data penalties is that they can happen by a simple misunderstanding or by charging into it without stopping to read Google’s guidelines.Spam penalties can happen when there is no intent to spam. A mistake will still be seen as spam.

Google is not a fan of websites that don’t comply with quality guidelines and don’t offer the best user experience. So it may be that the structured data abuse to mark irrelevant content can potentially hurt your site. Implementing structured data is crucial in this viewpoint. Structured data implementation will prove to be beneficial in the ranking and generating the traffic of a website.

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However, you need to very careful with the recent penalties that google implement in case of any mishap regarding structured data. And the penalty is loss of the website traffic overnight. Imagine all the hard work and brainstormed ideas that you have put to your website in order to generate the desired amount of traffic. Just a minuscule mistake in implementing structured data will result in penalty from Google.

The Factual Revelation

A study revealed that, every year, near about 400,000 such manual actions are being initiated by Google due to such error. These penalties are also known as spam penalties. Even simplest of masistake like initiating implementation without going through the Google guidelines properly can result in spam penalties. In order to avoid such unnecessary penalties, you must not only be careful, but you must also know the methods by which you can avoid such penalties. It is totally possible to avoid such mistakes just keeping few things in mind. Here, in this article, you will be guided about some amazing tips that will help you to avoid such mistakes promptly before they have any chance to creep up. It is also very important to know the mistakes that have been occurred in order to prevent further error. Five very common mistakes are mentioned here along with pro-tips in order to avoid them in future. You can give thanks latter!

1. Use of incorrect data structure

Data structure is a particular way of organizing data in a computer. The developer must choose the appropriate data structure for better performance. If the developer chooses bad data structure, the system does not perform well. First common  mistakes that both novice and professionals make is the implementation of incorrect structured data.  Often in the hurry to put down data in structured way, the programmer fails to input the correct data structure that is required for avoiding penalties.  For instance, if you are given responsibility to structure data for the product that the company is selling, you must be careful in focusing it only in the data that will highlight the product as a whole. If by chance, you incorporate structured data related to service, however, small it may be, it will lead to the immediate penalty.

2. Internal links

Internal link are often ignored and external links are mainly given importance due to its visibility. However, internal links can have huge impact on how Google closely monitors your site. One positive thing that many developers do not realize is that  they have more control on the internal links than external links. So the chances of improvisations are more in case of internal links. Thus the common mistake that is made is the improper structuring of internal links which results in the links getting corrupted. To avoid such error, it is very important not to repeat the same keywords within single link. It is also very important to structure anchor text with generic words.

3. Negative SEO alert

Another mistake that generally the SEO developers make is the use of negative SEO. Though it is not a deliberate link but creating excessive subsidiary links of a particular link can be recognized as spam links by the  Google. Worse is that, such excessive links could be copied by the malware websites and utilized by them to lead your clients to some scams or infected sites. It will, however, directly impact the positive ranking of your website. Also since the link of your website is being used, therefore google will directly penalize your site thus heavily impacting your traffics. The best way to prevent such act is to monitor your backlinks from time to time. It is also very crucial to provide protection to all your important backlinks.

4. Read all the guidelines for data structures

A Spammy Structured Markup penalty is a form of manual penalty. This means that someone in the Web spam Team at Google has investigated your site and given you a penalty for not adhering to their guidelines. If you have had a manual penalty, you will be able to find this in your Google Search Console under ‘Search Traffic’ and ‘Manual Actions’. In order to give so much time and importance to structured data, developers often fail to give a thorough reading on the guidelines for specific data types. Failure to read all those guidelines will definitely lead to huge error and subsequent penalization. To avoid such manual penalty, you need to thoroughly check the real time examples that are being provided on the page of google developers. Reading them carefully will give you a precise idea about the rules and guidelines that are coherent with certain data types. It will just take maximum five to eight minutes to go through all the guidelines thoroughly which will save you from getting penalized in near future.

Here are few things you can do to avoid a spammy structured markup penalty :

  • Have relevant, engaging answer/result for user’s search queries;
  • Use structured data for visible content only;
  • Check and fix any warnings with Google’s testing tool;
  • Use different markup for the pages within your website;
  • Integrate markup data for events only, not non-events (for example Last minute trip to Niagara Falls);
  • Have reviews written by genuine customers or unpaid reviewers and not by the site or business.

5. Avoid short cuts to increase traffic

Lastly, you need to also keep in mind that merely using the manipulative structure of data in order to attract customers is the worst mistake that many website developers commit. For example, suppose a website is selling some sort of hair product that is still not very popular n the market. But, in order to gain the customers, the data structure of some well-known hair care brand is being posted. Seeing the data structure of the popular hair care brand, the customers will be lured to that website only to find out that it is of some other company. Apart from the complaints from the viewers, google will promptly penalize. Google has release the latest updates of Penguins that gives Google better monitoring over all such manipulative data structure. So, do not fall for the short cuts to increase the traffic of websites by using manipulative data structure. Instead work on the correct data structure that your website actually represents. Falling for such manipulative shorty cut techniques will render your website totally devoid of traffic for a long time after manual penalty.

Finally , to conclude we can say that, by adhering to the above points and keeping all these above points in mind along with the preventive measures, will help you to save your website from getting manually penalized by Google. Start following them from today if you want to take your website to its zenith and make it exceptional.

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