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We are all aware of the term “Chatbot”, and the business world is highly fascinated with this technical modification. Advent of this system has opened new rooms for business and found new ways to engage customers. As we all know business means generating leads and chatbot is becoming a new answer to it.

Are you thinking how? Let us dig into it for details about how lead is associated with chatbot technology.

Lead generation is probably one of the most difficult aspects of any marketing job along with is a crucial part of it since it is the heart of any business. Businesses need a return on investment and lead generation is the only way to earn most of it. But what makes it such a tedious job for the marketers? The answer is, persuading or convincing the person on the other side that you are the right one in any given situation. Since Google gives them millions of other choices, convincing them about you being the best remedy is a tough job.

Just take a time regarding how the communication procedures have altered in the last five years. If this was back then, certainly you have opted for email or simply have taken your phone.

With the advent of messaging app, certainly, the communication methods have changed. These days, messaging plays a greater role in both business’s and customers’ life. Whether it is texting or some messenger like WhatsApp or Facebook, people are mostly into it.

In a research conducted by the Twilio, it has been observed that nine out of ten customers loves to communication with the businesses making use of some kind of messaging programs.

Chatbots have certainly become a revolution to improve the sales process. These offer services which automates interactions through a chat interface. There are many such examples in the market that have been specifically designed to improve the leads like Drift’s LeadBot, Twyla, Moxie and Hubspot’s GrowthBot.

Chatbots help to engage more customers as they can interact with them by answering simple questions along with deciding when and how the leads can be estimated as qualified along with escalating them to the human representatives. Their intelligently designed mind has the ability to filter the potential leads.

Now when your business starts getting leads, thank to your chatbot that is qualifying the questions asked by your ideal customers. Moreover, they are available round the clock and every now and then. As 10% lead quality improvement can result in enhancing 40% of sales productivity, with every passing day more and more businesses are relying on it. Even when Chatbots are the reason for generating quality leads, you do not have to invest in human capital. This means without spending a hundred thousand dollars on payroll; you can satisfy your consumers. They tend to be highly profitable for businesses.

What Is Lead Generation?

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Lead generation explains the marketing procedure of capturing and stimulating interest in a service or product in order to develop sales pipeline. It makes use of a database, the computer program and a dedicated server to receive complete information about the leads. The only purpose of lead generation is to improve the scope of businesses, improves sales revenue and promotes business to other prospective clients.

Are you thinking what these leads are? Leads include name and addresses or maybe the email addresses of the corporations, agencies or institutions and individuals. The lists can be filtered or accumulated from the targeted databases like internet directories and telephone.

There are many search engines and websites on the internet which can become an excellent source of lead generation. Even when this process is extremely rewarding, it takes time. This is not an overnight approach as it takes understanding, applying the right techniques to get great results. There are various websites available that have developed for the particular purpose of obtaining leads. In-depth search is required to generate leads along with great services to retain. When handled and answered in a proper way, leads can give a huge return on investment.

Making use of chatbot program can help to answer the visitors along with also avoid some annoying visitors. Program your chatbot in a manner that it welcomes the visitors along with being able to answer simple questions. These chatbots can become a great step for retaining the potential leads as it cuts the need for waiting.

But before jumping into finding more about the chatbots, let us first find out the advantages of lead generation.

Importance of Lead generation

Lead generation is an integral part of the entire marketing strategy that describes the procedure of capturing and stimulating interest in service or product to increase the number of sales.

In today’s highly competitive era, searching potential customers along with successfully reaching them is both tedious and intimidating procedure. Lead generation constitutes of the marketing actions that businesses can take in order to build interest and create their reputation for generation of new customers.

Marketing actions based on technology which depends on the computer programs, internet to contact the potential customer and database collection are the key to lead generation infrastructure.

With changes in technological procedure, marketing landscape has changed to a huge extent. This is the reason why most of the traditional marketing has been altered with new approaches. Top notch companies are improving the chances of increasing the customer base along with being in the top of the queue in the competition by implementing the latest marketing approach.

There are various strategies for direct marketing and digital options. The lead generation automates a dull procedure that makes the outbound marketing much more efficient but at a reasonable price structure.

Well, when the budget is concerned, email marketing is the cheapest so far. However, the conversion rate is slower. As far as the conversion rate is concerned, generating leads by making use of the latest technology is the best choice. Making use of lead generation infrastructure is a great way to make sure of a continuous and reliable stream of useful leads for the company.

Advanced features used for lead generation allow finding leads that fit the varied requirements. With the availability of chatbots, customers can easily reach you and can be retained to get a better return on investment.

How Chat Can Become Lead:

Fortunately, the marketing agencies and business owners are aware of the compelling funnel technique which helps to generate leads. With the chatbot, things are going to be much easier for them. This is not only going to simplify things but also will catalyze the process to acquire effective results in much lesser time. As we can observe these days people are getting more and more addicted to messaging, having a bot for brands can actually help them to get close to their customers.

People keep on texting every single day and most of the time in a day as it seems convenient. Brands can take advantage of it and integrate chatbot to help them get knowledge about the companies or get answers to the queries that they have without even calling an agent.

Business is all about building and nurturing a relationship with their customers and what can be better than having a personal assistant 24×7 working as a bridge. This is a highly advanced technique which requires massive data to be integrated into the system in order to let your bot function like a human. We will get to know more about how businesses are involving themselves with this technology and how bots are changing the market in the following sections.

What is chat bot?

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With the technological advancement and evolution of the artificial intelligence, everything is upgrading. In this peak time, chatbots are one of the advanced technologies that are being used by the businesses. These days the count of users loving the messaging apps like Skype, Whatsapp and Slack are skyrocketing. Facebook messenger alone has observed over 1.2 billion users every month. Due to the need for messengers, the chatbots which feel like human conversation used for answering common queries are much in demand. Some of the Chinese WeChat bots can also call a cab, set medical appointments, check for flights, and send money and much more.

As per the Oxford Dictionaries, chatbot is “A computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”

This is a virtual assistant tha can communicate via text messages. It is a companion that can be integrated into applications, websites and other ways helping entrepreneurs never to lose a customer and get a step closer to them. Such types of bots are the automated system for communication of businesses with the users.

Online chatbots save a lot of efforts and time by offering automatic customer support. As per the forecast, it has been said that by the arrival of 2020, more than 85% of the customer interactions will be managed without the need for a human. However, the systems offered by these chatbots systems will go far from just providing a response to customer inquiries. These chatbots will be used for various other business jobs like organizing meeting, collecting user information and lowering overhead costs. Undoubtedly, the size of this chatbot market will be growing immensely.

As per the research, the main factors that motivate using businesses are:

  • Entertainment: This amuses people as they offer funny tips. Coincidently, people who have nothing to do can spend time by talking to these chatbots.
  • Productivity: They help to get access to information and offer assistance efficiently and faster.
  • Curiosity: Chatbots shows curiosity and which is why people had the zeal to explore the abilities and become something new.
  • Relational and social factors: Chatbots enhance the social experience and fuel conversations.

This is no way going to be simple to design an interactive interface along with an agent that will work as a human. Since it is about gaining trust; the entire process is going to be hard yet very productive. Due to its many advantages, these are getting increasingly popular along with help to gain customers’ loyalty.

History of chatbots

  • First ever chatbot was created by Joseph Weizenbaum — an IT professional in the 1960s. By matching the user prompts to scripted replies, it mimicked human conversation. It was named as Eliza, which passed the
  • Turing Artificial Intelligence test.
    The next one was created in 1972 which is named Parry stimulate paranoid schizophrenia. This was more advanced and serious than Eliza. Generally, Parry was defined as “Eliza with attitude”.
  • In 1988, the earliest endeavours of making an AI by means of artificial interaction were made. This is chiefly focused for the entertainment purpose which had the only aim to move a text-based system to a full voice operated one. It was named as Jabberwacky.
  • In 1992, the next attempt was made which was named as Dr Sbaitso. This is the AI speech synthesis program made for the Ms Doc. The prime reason for developing this one was to display the digitalized voice. It was way too different from lifelike.
  • In 1995 comes A.L.I.C.E which is the abbreviated form of “Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity”. This was the natural language processing system. This was being designed in a manner that A.L.I.C.E can easily apply the heuristic pattern to human input. To be simple, one can have a conversation.
  • In 2001, the Smarterchild was the intelligent bot which was vastly distributed among SMS networks. This has some of the excellent features like personalized conversation and easy data access. This was previously considered as the precursor to Samsung’s S Voice and Apple’s Siri.
  • In 2006, another creation was done IBM’s Watson was seemingly created in Jeopardy. This won in 2011 against other former champions. Nowadays Watson makes use of natural language processing along with machine learning to get insight from the huge data.
  • In 2010, came Siri which is again intelligent and personal assistant. This is a part of the iOS family which features the natural language user interface. It can answer the questions and perform at the same time. She is going to make way for the PAs and AI bots.
  • In 2012, Google Now was developed by Google for making Google search much easier. It has a natural language interface. It helps to answer questions, perform an action of the requests and suggests better answers to the users.
  • In 2015 came Alexa, which is a voice service dwelling in the Amazon Echo device. This particular AI was skilled for voice interaction. It makes use of the natural language processing for recognizing, responding and receiving voice commands.
  • In 2015 again came Cortana which crafted by Microsoft. This is an intelligent personal assistant, which can help to recognize a natural voice command, set reminders and also answer questions making use of Bing search engine.
  • In 2016, Facebook came up with the messenger platform that allows developers to design bots which can interact with the FB users. It has been observed that by June, there are 11,000 bots available.

The history of chatbots shows how things are developing and how more and more businesses are relying on it.

Is chatbot the next answer to the lead generation

As said by Fred Brown – CEO and founder of Next IT, “Geeks want machines that do things without asking. But what makes good AI is good communication with the user.”

There is no doubt that advancement is rapid and for lead generation, it has gone to the next level. Since businesses will only focus on one thing – to find more and more customers, they will be taking any step. This actually has led marketers to think about the next crucial question, “Are chatbots profitable for leads?”The answer seems to be very easy.

The chatbots are designed to make connections with the prospects in a good way. Since these days everyone is aware of its worth, businesses are relying on these because of its unlimited opportunities that one can explore and improving customer experience.

  • Two-Way Communication:

    Just take your time from the other digital lead generation platforms like blog, website, subscriptions, content offers etc. If you think, then you will be observing that these are all one-way communication methods which don’t allow interactions. Telling your story without listening to what people want to know is just not a great idea. How about creating conversations rather than just broadcasting messages?

    This is the biggest advantages of chatbots. It facilitates both side communications without any real person available. This again means you will be able to know your customers’ queries rather than just offering your point.

  • Easy Action:

    Leads have the maximum chances of getting converted and which required follow-up. Since the chatbots provide speedy responses, these can be highly advantageous for generating leads. Such practice reduces the time and maximizes the time saved.

    Relying on chatbots can also help to categorize the prospects as per how much chances of conversion do they have. This will give a complete idea on who to focus on.

  • Round The Clock Content Sharing:

    Unlike your employees who are assigned for a fixed job will be available for a particular period of time, these bots will be available 24 x 7. This means prospects and customers will never have to wait until the opening house in order to get a response from you. This tends to be a great choice if you have a global online shopping and people from different time zones shop from you.

    This is again more like natural action. When you offer a prompt reply, no matter whenever it is coming, you can remain assured that your chatbots are increasing the chances of getting converted into a sale.

  • Data Collection:

    It is not something new that customer data is the major thing for the business which helps to make decisions for businesses. This gives information about the customer about what type of questions they majorly ask, what are the common doubt and much more. This again gives you the ability to provide information or responses that will satisfy your customers’ queries. The more data you collect, the more relevant answer you can give your customers in the future.

    As more and more organizations are exploring the corners of technical advancement, chatbots are going to be another necessary protocol for lead generation. Once you have your chatbots placed on your website, you can stay assured about online communication. Without the need for human resources your customers will be getting an answer to their queries and retain becomes much easier.

How chatbot helps in lead generation

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In today’s date, chatbots have become an inevitable answer, but this concept is nothing new. If you take a close look, you will be able to find that, the idea is around for over six decades. As we all know, Mark Zuckerberg made the term famous after Facebook Messenger. He says that no more mobile apps are going to work, chatbots are new UI.

Some of the top most companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google make use of it to enjoy the many benefits of it. These days most of the chatbots are created on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger where over 130k bots are available. Wechat, Skype, iMessage and Slack are some of the most popular channels available.

Ease of integration with the messaging platform, chatbot development platforms, low-cost development and demand of customers has led to adopt chatbot.

The next big question is what will happen if chatbots are developed to a new level along with conversational interfaces are developed on other platforms such as mobile app. The concept is the users’ communication with web browsers. Are you wondering the advantages of chatbot in your business?

Let us find it out.

Advantages of Web Chatbots:

  • Customer Support:

    When people are shopping offline or online, the prime necessity is customer service as they many questions. A good customer support helps to resolve the problem that customers have. Chatbots can be a great choice as they are available round the clock. This means you have something that is doing the same function of customer support and hence you can observe significant improvement in your conversion rate.

    For example, when you integrate a chatbot in the e-commerce website, it will help your customer find products they are looking and check for new deals. Furthermore, this is not limited to searching for products, but also when it comes to new registration, uploading shipping address, making payments and much more.

    Therefore, chatbot offers a range of advantages not only to improve lead generation but also helps to improve customer experience and save money.

  • Personalized User Experience:

    Each and every brand is aware of how crucial user experience is and which is why personalized interactions can meet expectations of customers. This is the key to transforming leads into sales along with improving the chances of returning back to your website. Chatbots and customers can interact with each other, which make people feel they are chatting with a human, not a bot.

    Rather than just making use of Natural Language Processing, an interface based interaction can be a great to deal with the UX problems for the owners. For the retail websites, chatbots perform like a salesperson that provides them information about the product, tracking along with any other issues they are dealing.

  • Improved Lead Generation:

    In today’s highly competitive digital world user engagement is the key to any business. In a vast scale, user engagement is the prime aspect of lead generation. Businesses need to take a step ahead to come close to their customers.

    The reason behind it helps to comprehend the need of the customers, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. Having a dedicated chatbot for business can increase the ROI. But then again, you need to emphasize on the codes and designs, and proper integration ensures happy customers.

  • Insight to Customer Data:

    Brand success depends on business intelligence. Getting insight into customer behaviour becomes much easier with the AI chatbots along with machine learning. These chatbots are helpful when it comes to knowing about the trends. Moreover, checking previous conversations helps to get insight into the choices and interests, also find what annoys your customers. By utilizing the data, you can ensure better user experience and earn more on ROI.

    With its many advantages, Chatbot has become an inevitable choice for businesses. Make sure you start developing from a renowned agency and enjoy its many benefits.

What To Do For Lead Generation Via Chatbots?

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Well, now when we have known its many advantages in the entire lead generation, it is time to understand the best way to generate leads through Chatbots. Just like the website, chatbots needs to be properly designed and coded in order to make leads. Let us check the things you need to do to generate quality leads from chatbots.

  • Engage The Visitors:

    When it is about generating more leads, engaging visitors is the prime need. In a statistics, it has been observed that 50% of the visitors who initiated the conversation with the chatbot ended up providing their contact details by the end of the session.

    When you are designing and developing a chatbot for your website, it means you are providing superfluous experience to your customers. When you customize the replies properly, you give them information without letting them know whether they are talking to a real human or a bot.
    In case no one is using the chatbot, there is definitely some issue. You need to visit and check the problem before you start losing your customers. Engaging more customer means you are on the right track.

  • Stress On The Answers:

    Most of the webmasters think that customers tend to run away when they come to know that they are talking to a bot instead of a customer care executive. As per them, robotic answer tends to repel the customers. However, the reality is opposite as customers hardly care till they are getting answers to their questions. Irrespective of a human or a bot, customers need real information.
    For an example, when a customer is trying to know about the products or shipping charges, he or she wants to know the exact answer for making a decision. So irrespective of being a bot or a human, answers matter when it comes to lead conversion.

  • Automate Everything:

    Since all the sessions are documented, it helps to save time and maximize the efficiency, thereby making follow up much easier. This will help to simplify lead generation. This is the only procedure which becomes efficient along with optimizing the sales conversion rate.

    The prime need of chatbot is improving business efficiency. However, it does not necessarily mean you are not going to face hurdles. Start making a plan to overcome the obstacles and perfect way to deal with it.

    There is always a need to understand what needs to be done when it comes to developing chatbots. Proper interface, perfect designs along with informative answers ensure meeting customers need.

Types of chatbots

A few years back when chatbots were in the market and gaining popularity, chatbot was a buzz everywhere. With the advancement of natural language processing and other learning techniques, many advanced conversational applications separated themselves. Some started calling themselves as virtual assistants. This revealed that these were better and powerful than the existing chatbots.

However, then it was quickly discovered that market never really cared how great the bot technology was or about underlying technology till the time problems were solved. Different terms were being used for the bots, but that does not matter as customers were able to converse with the business. With time and usage, every one is aware that irrespective of what you call the bot, certain pattern and differentiation makes chatbot different.

So if you are about to build a bot for your business, you need to do in-depth research. Primarily you need to find what problems you are focusing to solve and depending on that the functionalities you want to incorporate. When you have knowledge about what type of problems you want to solve and assist the customers with, it will help to make a decision on the type of chatbot, agent or virtual assistant you need to build. This will have a direct influence on the development plan along with user-experience.

As per the market, there are three different types of chatbots. Let us find out in details about them.

  • Support Chatbots:

    These types of chatbots are developed to master single domain just like company’s knowledge. These types of chatbot need to have the personality, context awareness and multi-turn capability. Such technical bot should have the ability to offer user information about any business processes along with answer the many FAQ related to the particular business.

    You need to use the long-tail and short-tail combo while developing such a chatbot. The IBM Watson makes use of the Watson Discover service for long tail and Watson conversation service for short-tail processes. Speech is just an additional and optional feature which is not a necessity as the users have to sit at their desktop to find a solution.

    Such chatbot developers emphasize more on making navigation easier along with making sure that actions can be executed properly that users care about.

  • Assistant Chatbots:

    These types of chatbots work perfectly when they have knowledge little bit about different topics. Most of the people think that these kinds of bots will one day become the navigator of other bots which are there in the market now. Ask them anything, starting from paying bills to the destination, this assistant bot can provide help to you.

    If you want to pay bills, all you need is to ask the assistant bot to have a word with the support bit of the bank. The assistant chatbots are conversational and will respond to anything along with being as such entertaining as possible. If you are looking for one such example in recent times, then Siri can be a great one.

    People are continuously asking so many things or so many things. She is very active, but not all the time she can perform to the command, but people still keep on asking for her as they are amused by her response. Therefore while creating assistant chatbot, it is crucial to make it trained. It needs to have adequate questions in the system to cover the range of questions. Also, they need to be designed in a way that even when you are missing on topics, the bot should have the ability to try on new topics.

  • Skill Chatbots:

    Skills chatbots are single term kind of bots. They do not require huge on contextual awareness. Their commands are set which are specifically intended to simplify the life like “Turn on the living room lights”. For this type of systems, Speech Functionality is highly suggested so that the user does not have to switch on a device or press a key. In order to keep it easy and able to follow command faster, these voice commands are suggested.

    These bots do not have to worry about contextual awareness until the time you want some advanced functionality. Since people learn to say what they have to say and speak the words aloud, this bots will function properly. When it is about building such skills bot, the most crucial aspect to stress on is its integration especially while controlling personalized objects.

    Keep simple integration for users to interact with the bot.

    Even when these are some of the most ordinary types of bots, most of them fall into these few categories. Well, you might find other bots which will be a combination of these three.

    Irrespective of whatever type of bot you are up to developing, all you need is to keep in mind that the bot needs to have its own personality and life for easing its use. Whether it is something really very simple or a complicated thing when building bot, you need to keep each and every specific detail in mind to make it useful for users.

9 most innovative chat bots on web

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If you are someone who has experienced live chat service, you will probably know how suspicious it is to have no idea whether it is a human you are chatting with or a bot. You really cannot define whether the experience is great or bad.

Chatbots definitely sound like a human, but they are not. They do not have any degree of humanity and often have an awkward speech to talk to. In today’s mysterious region where human are making robots that are replacing human is quite a thing to see. Due to their great efficiency and have the potential to handle customers, more and more businesses are relying on such system.

Whether you love them or you cannot stand them, these chatbots are going to rule in the coming years. In recent years, due to its dramatic advancement in underlying technologies and machine learning these bots are getting much famous. These bots are more responsive, smarter and much helpful which is why it is going to go higher with every year and constant advancement.

In the era of chatbots so popular, there are different chatbots present in the web. We will take a sneak peak to each of them and try to understand why they have become so popular.

Champion Chatbot:

Someone’s mother was checked and diagnosed with an aggressive Alzheimer disease about a year ago. Victims of such problems have to go through a hard time along with becoming unbearable for the family members to observe their dear ones going through such terrible issues. In such situation, the victim mostly struggles with having basic conversational interactions.

Unfortunately, the victims still cannot take part in any meaningful conversations, but victims of dementia can retain their conversational abilities. However, the frustration continues even having a conversion with close family members. This is the reason why Champion chatbot was developed by a Russian technology company named Endurance.

Some people with Alzheimer suffer from short-term memory loss. In such situation, this chatbot helps to find deviations in the conversational branches which can indicate the problem and opt for immediate recollection.

Moreover, as these are the cloud-based solution, family members and physicians can check the communication logs to identify communicative obstacles and memory function degradation. This can help to signify the deterioration in patient’s condition.

The project is still in the early stages but has great ability to help researchers, care teams and scientists to understand about the Alzheimer disease.


People who suffer from insomnia understand the suffocating feeling of loneliness. The entire feeling of when the world is resting, your own mind starts betraying you with doubts and worries are the worst part. No medicines no therapy tends to be helping you

Immediately came the need for Insomnobot 300, which is an interactive agent aiming to give company to the insomniacs. They can talk to the victim while the rest of the world sleeps.

Well, this is never the only way as some replies may be very mechanic, but definitely, this will stop from scrolling the never-ending news feed.


Till now, we have an idea that chatbots are great in terms of customer service, but here you will get to know that Disney makes use of it in order to engage more and more young audiences. It features a character from an animated series called Zootopia.

This invited their fans from the movie to solve the crimes with another character named Lieutenant Judy Hopps who is the long-eared protagonist of this movie. Children took part and were able to help this character solve the mysteries just like in the movie it was done by communicating with a bot.

Eventually, this is an innovative use of chatbot technology and more such can be seen in the coming years.


At this point in time, the cinematic universe of Marvel is expanding further and bigger than our universe. Therefore it is about the time prior to Marvel turn to chatbots to expand their fan following by bringing the infamous comic characters into real life.

Keeping aside every other thing, the Star-Lord character is spot on. This chatbot helps the geeks to talk to their favourite character Star-Lord and which was a decent one. This bot also offer their users to have a friendly chat with their friendly neighbour Spiderman which is not a great conversational agent. This is because this particular character is little limited to the responses and which is not a true freestyle chatbot. But as a whole, it is not bad at all and can offer a better experience with more advancement in the coming days.


After the advent of the Endurance bot, various other chatbots have been overlooked. The International child advocacy non-profit UNICEF is making use of chatbots that will be helping people residing in other developing countries tell the urgent necessities in their communities.

The bot is known as U-Report which focuses on gathering huge amount of data by means of polls. This is not a good choice for talkative. It will send polls on the recent social issues, and the users who are known as U-Reporters can provide their message. UNICEF, later on, makes use of the feedback as a medium for policy recommendations.

This is another valuable way of making use of technology for social development and matters that are ignored.


One of the most common things that people do is misdiagnose themselves with some life-threatening diseases on some medical websites. If you are someone who does that on a regular basis, you need to check the MedWhat.

This chatbot intends to make easier, transparent and faster diagnosis for both physicians and patients. This is a smarter version of WebMD with whom you can interact. It has a complex machine learning system which offers an accurate response to the user questions. This is again based on the behaviours it learns by communicating with the human.

Moreover, on the never-ending range of medical queries by MedWhat, this bot is intelligent enough to draw upon the huge volume of the reviewed scientific papers and a huge volume of medical research

In various ways, this is closer to virtual assistant rather than just being a conversational agent. This also shows an excellent chatbot development field which combines NLP systems with the machine learning technology for offering responsive and accurate experience.

Roof Ai:

If you are into marketing, then you already you are aware of it and know how crucial it is. Since not all the leads are equally created along with acquiring the right leads at the right time is more challenging than it actually sounds.

Once you enter the Roof Ai, a chatbot is present to aid the real estate marketers to automate interaction with a lead assignment and potential lead through social media. This bot finds out potential leads through Facebook and responds instantaneously in a helpful, conversational and friendly tone which sounds like a real person. As per the user input, the Roof Ai provides required information prior to assigning it to a particular sales agent.

One of the benefits of the Roof Ai is that it enables real estate agents to offer immediate respond regardless of whether anyone is present to help or not. Moreover, it eliminates the chances of slipping good leads by not offering prompt action. As a while this is an amazing bot helps realtors to find a great solution. It is still developing more amazing features that can help the real estate industry.


Nowadays, it has become a habit to check the headlines while taking the morning tea and figure out if it is safe to move out or not. Unfortunately, even the best newshounds might find this very problematic to differentiate signal from noise. This is why NBC politics bot was launched by NBC on Facebook messenger just before the presidential election of U.S in 2016.

This bot enables users to connect with the interactive agency through Facebook in order to find out the breaking news that will be a matter of interest in the audience demographics. Once the initial interaction has begun, this bot offers customized results to the users as per their preferences.

Even when NBC Politic Bot is rudimentary when it comes to interactions, this application in the chatbot technology can be popular in the recent years. This again helps audience to find contents as per their preferences.


When it comes to innovative chatbots, it can never be complete without stating ALICE. This is one of the first bots that went online along with one which came up amazing well even when being designed and launched 20 years back from now.

ALICE stands for Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity, which was taken from an episode of X-files that was developed and created by Dr Richard Wallace in the days of the early Internet in 1995. Despite Alice is made on the old codebase, this bot offers apt replies. There is no doubt not a single bot is perfect, especially those with old codes. Just like other bots, ALICE has to struggle with the nuances and offer postmodern answers which suggest that it has better self-awareness for which some credits can be offered.

Even when you have known about chatbots, but most of us are not are of so many bots already being there on the internet. Some of these are old while some of new when it comes to innovative chatbots available on the internet. With every passing day, it can be estimated the list is going to get high and more businesses will depend on it.

Big Ideas On Chatbots Creation and Evolution

Recently there have been a lot of controversies about the AI. However, some of the top minds have said that we are nowhere close to the time when the artificial intelligence can provide accurate conversations, chatbots still have some practical applications.

As per Yoram Bachrach – The head research at Digital Genius have outlined five parameters where one need to think prior to developing chatbot system. Here are a few rundowns for people:

  • How constant are the agents recently?

    If the agents are not making use of canned responses and templates, how aptly are they going to respond to the similar customer questions? The more same human responses, the more aptly system gets the ability to define the responses appropriately for any given customer question. But in case, the agents are providing various or maybe more graded responses to similar questions; the system will be facing difficulty to find apt answers to the questions.

  • The volume of Conversations:

    If you are trying to offer suitable answers to the customer questions, the system needs to get a reference to the past conversations took place between customers and human agents. Well, there is no exact count of the number of conversations that a system needs prior to integrating the chatbot system, but as per Yoram cataloguing conversation from a couple of months as a starting point can be a good start. This will help to find suitable answers to the customer questions.

  • The complexity of outgoing and incoming questions:

    When the customers are more into asking specific questions or little different according to the customer, this machine will struggle with providing answers to such questions. It can easily handle cancellation request when most of the customer opted for cancellation, but this might become a trouble for the IT.

  • How difficult is it to educate agents?

    When training human agents about the proper way to handle customers’ questions, it is going to be similarly hard for machines to handle those. When human agents have to search to provide apt answers to the customers’ questions as every question has different answers, the AI system will need too. In case it is not integrated, the system will find it difficult to come up with suitable answers to the questions.

  • How lengthy are the conversations?

    As per the recent advancement, the chatbots have the capability to handle simpler and quicker conversations. If any customer is asking for some specific thing like cancellation, this system will be able to process it much easily. But when someone is dragging it and making it more complicated, the system will struggle to come up with the right answers to those questions.

    When you are looking forward to automating the customer service, you definitely need to check the ideas mentioned above. How complex are those questions that you get from the customers? If these are simpler and you have already made canned responses and templates for answering, you are definitely on the correct path. Your customers might be simple, but you did not take time for creating the responses and templates. Post using the templates for a few months; a backlog reference will be generated from where the chatbot can pull the answers.

Importance of chatbots for start-ups

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With the emergence of AI and its various advantages, these days more and more start-ups’ are relying on it. Not only there are various agencies available who has the expertise in creating these bots, but also it saves both time and money. There are various other reasons that have actually increased the demand for these systems, let us find out some of them.

  • Offer customer-driven and personalized experience:

    The prime reason for using chatbots for the start-up is these are programmed in a manner that it can take customer’s lead.

    For instance, when a customer types something or a question in Spanish, the system should be programmed in a way that it can respond appropriately in Spanish. Moreover, these are designed using highly advanced technologies which allow them to see which web pages potential customers are browsing and offer information based on that.

    When it is a returning customer, this system might even be capable of finding their names and purchase history thereby providing a personalized experience. Customers’ actions help to drive more interaction with chatbots. This gives room for the chatbots to offer a personalized experience which serves particular customer needs.

  • Cut Lead Generation Time:

    As per the service or product offered by the company, the time span between the initial times of contact with the lead along with actual sale can vary a lot. Services and products which have a high price tag often take a long time to complete the sale cycle. The good news is, these start-ups can make use of chatbot technology to acquire leads thereby reducing the time spent from initial contact to make the sale happen. Are you thinking how? The systems can be designed in a manner that it will be able to ask questions regarding the lead’s industry, business needs and a number of employees. These systems later on, bridges the customers to an appropriate contact person or web page.

  • Helps to Save Money and Time:

    It helps to save money and time that are on the priority list for the entrepreneurs. These systems allow automating the customer service functions, and therefore you can hire lesser employees. These bots also lessen time spent that the sales team spend to transform potential customer into a lead.

  • Improves Customer Service:

    One of the only things that engage people towards the business is a great customer service. These bots are available to offer round the clock service which means if someone is asking a question late at 2 a.m., your chatbot is there to let your customers stay and know more about you.

    Moreover, since these are already generated replies, your customers tend to get replies within a least time. Often human flow with emotions and they might get angry or frustrated with the questions, but bots do not have feelings, and hence the replies with having the same intonation. Hence your customers will always be informed.

    Start-ups need to go through a lot of difficulties and to stay vigilant to customers is one great step towards success. Using chatbots can be a significant step to keep your customer informed and never miss any questions that your customers are willing to know. Make sure that you develop these chatbots for your start-up and retain your customers by providing knowledge about your business.

How Chatbots Will Transform B2B Marketing in 2018

Each and every year, something new is taking place and advancement in technology has always assisted businesses to create new opportunities to reach customers. One of the biggest advancement is the Artificial Intelligence is creating a buzz in the B2B realm. Even when the marketers have done a lot when is about machine learning algorithms, a vast ground is yet to be covered when it is about statistical analysis, predictive analytics, personalization along with lead generation. Keeping aside all the other techniques, AI is going to transform the way for B2B marketing and sales by changing the way people interact.

With every technology being pushed to a new height, it is turning the sci-fi things into reality. The advent of chatbots has actually changed business models to a new, different level and is predicted that it will shake the industries. Keeping aside every other thing, when it is the B2B, it is going to cast a huge impact.

Just take your time out and think what if robots have the ability to manage the outbound sales efforts. What if robots had the ability to manage the social media presence? What if major sections of the outbound and inbound marketing efforts are automated?

Right now, this seems like touching the universe.

But there are brands who are already putting their effort on creating such a future. Most of the top brands are taking advantage of chatbots to generate leads and increase their return on investment.

Since Chatbots are going to open a new space for better brand promotion and marketing, we will check how this will have an influence on the B2B marketing leads.

Facebook is Getting More Relevant due to the B2B Marketing:

Before diving into how thee chatbots are influencing, you firstly need to take a closer look at the recent growth. In 2016, Facebook’s F8 conference, they announced that messenger would be transforming into chatbots. This will open room for developers across the world to develop their bots. In the next 6 months, almost over 30, 000 bots were developed. Since then till now, they are more focused on chatbots, and with every day it is growing stronger.

Now you must be thinking that Facebook is not a place for marketing then what’s the need for exaggerating?

The only reason is that Facebook is one such platform that is vastly used by the B2B professionals in comparison to any other channels. This makes sense as people from all walks of life are connected by Facebook. Understanding this simple concept, all the B2B marketers’ need to comprehend that catboats can be a useful resource.

  • Bots Accelerate Marketing Process and Sales:

    While someone visits your website, there is always a chance of a sale. The chances of sale exist in every single stage and hence integrating chatbot on any landing page can actually enhance the sales cycle.
    Landing page messenger experience is pretty understandable:

    • Here users meet with the call to action asking them to get connected through Messenger.
    • It can ask questions about their requirements
    • In case someone is facing some issues, this system can send information about the services and products

    The system can even manage the financial transaction
    Instead of navigating in the website to search for products and then opt for the purchasing procedure, your chatbots can make it simpler without even needing a human being for assistance.
    The good news is bots can even close a sale.

  • Bots have more potential than email automation

    Email automation has a huge opportunity in the B2B.
    You can make use of the advertisement or content to make it more interesting, acquire leads, carry through the funnel, all these without the need for jumping in and taking over the interaction. These bots have the potential for making a better experience and deliver great results.

    This does not mean that there will be no more email marketing. Email is still one of the best tools for marketers especially when it is a B2B marketing. But what chatbots can do is take the same procedure used in the email marketing and offer results twice as fast and without the need for any click-throughs and navigation.

    No more one needs to ask from someone their email address, then sending them in their inbox, then wait for another 2 to 3 minutes to let the emails reach and a lifetime to wait for a reply. Whereas, just by integrating chatbot or Facebook Messenger you can take care of the clients without doing anything. It helps to save a lot of time and efforts while getting twice the result.

  • Ability to efficiently run customer support:

    Do you have an idea how many times the customer support team that you have in your agency have to answer to similar questions over and over again? Have you integrated an FAQ section which has some of the most common questions asked by customers?

    It has been observed that only a very few numbers of people spend time to review the FAQ page. The reason is that people want to talk and get details about the product.

    People never really like the fact when they have to search for an ideal solution for their problems. Thanks to the chatbots, which brings the FAQ page to live and give customers the assurance that they have a solution to their problems.

    Rather than employing people for the customer support, developing a chatbot can be a great help. Unlike them who will work for a fixed time and have fixed pay, chatbots are available 24 x 7 without any pay. Moreover, they can handle the issues efficiently when they have the information integrated into their system.

    Due to its uncountable advantages on businesses and their consumers, integrating this system tends to be the simplest way to promote businesses. Not only this will reduce the cost of businesses, but also it will increase the count of successful consumers for businesses.

How are Brands using chatbots?

After knowing the many advantages of integrating chatbots for businesses, brands are trying out exciting ways to make use in their processes. Some of the top brands who are already popular for their amazing products and services are integrating this advanced technology in innovative ways. The only reason is that they want to increase their revenue structure along with increase the count of satisfied customers.

Nowadays these are used to schedule flights, get a recommendation, order food and pretty much more than we have ever thought. Let us find out how the brands are making the most of this latest technology to make their customers happy.

  • Starbucks:

    Pacing order for your snack or drink is easier with Starbucks. Whether you want to text or opt for a voice command, the chatbot will be informing you about the total cost and when will it ready. If you love Starbucks, you can place your order just by downloading the app available in Windows, Android and iPhone.

  • Fandango:

    Fandango’s Facebook Messenger bot gives you an opportunity to watch the trailers, check the local theatres along with finding the trending movies. All you need is to just enter the ZIP code, and the bot will find out what is playing in the nearby theatres along with also show you the page from where you can purchase the tickets.

  • Lyft:

    You can ask for a ride using the Lyft. This is a chat (Slack and Facebook Messenger) pr by Voice (Amazon Echo). This bot will show the current location of the driver along with also show the picture of car model and license plate.

  • Spotify:

    This system Facebook Messenger bot simplifies it for the customer to do their search. Share music and listen to it. Once you start, you can get a recommendation for the playlist based on the mood, your preferred music genre or what you are doing.

  • Sephora:

    If you chat with Sephora on Kik, you can acquire various kinds of makeup tutorials. This is a personal assistant that will assist you by offering product ratings and reviews while shopping from the store.

  • Whole Foods:

    Irrespective of whether you are in the stores for grocery shopping, you always get the chance to search for the recipes that you want from the Whole Foods bot available in Facebook Messenger. The best part is you can also search by using emoji in order to find the recipe. Moreover, it can filter recipes depending on your particular dietary requirements.

  • Mastercard:

    This is one of the finest ones as the Facebook Messenger bot of Mastercard ease the entire account transaction checking. For example, you just need to ask, “how much did I spend on restaurants in May?” This will show the results immediately. With the Masterpass, people can also purchase from the Mastercard partners like Subway, Cheesecake Factory and FreshDirect.

  • The Wall Street Journal:

    This journal chatbot helps the readers to get their big news on top along with stock quotes with the Facebook Messenger. Well, the alerts can also be customized. All you need is to type the commands, and you will be getting the information about the company along with the key financial metrics, you can compare the companies along with getting the live stock quotes.

  • Staples:

    To provide better customer service, Staples try to ease everything with the excellent Easy System. This is done in combination with the IBM’s Watson. The Facebook Messenger bot for Staple have the ability to answer the common questions asked by the customers like their order, returns, tracking and if the product is in stock and much more.

  • Pizza Hut:

    With the Twitter or Facebook Messenger used by Pizza Hut, helps to order Pizza. With this bot, you can choose for carryout or delivery easily. Other than these, customers can also opt for asking other questions; see the latest deals along with reordering favourite pizzas.

    With the advent of such an intelligent technology, large brands are mostly relying on it. The only reason is to satisfy their customers’ needs in the simplest way possible. With more and more advancement in the chatbot technology, it can be easily chalked out that in the coming year the bots are going to rule and make life easier both for businesses and customers.

Future of Chatbots

Chatbots are the software that requires machine learning and AI for generating accurate responses to the users’ queries. Generally, the conversations take place via chat interface making use of auditory or textual methods. With its regular journey and continuously upgrading, the future of chatbots can be predicted.

As said by some of the famous personalities,

Satya Nadella, “Chatbots will fundamentally revolutionize how computing is experienced by everybody”.

Mark Zuckerberg, “Now to order from 1-800 flowers, you never have to “dial” 1800 again!”
Larry Page, “Artificial Intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google.”

Alex Attinger says the chatbot intelligence is going to witness expansion by making better use of the conversational interfaces which is powered by AI. Enterprises will be observing the real potential of the automated conversations not only in terms of customer support and customer retention but also for acquisition. Integrating legacy systems will improve along with the messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger will become a homepage for uncountable users. The only reason bots are created to bridge the massive gap between consumers and brands in a way that no marketing strategies can do.

Tiago Paiva says Artificial Intelligence will improve conversations between consumer and agents. There is a buzz that chatbots will be replacing human agents, which is untrue. AI will definitely take a huge part of the industry but will not replace front-end agents as they lack in empathy.
These famous personalities have already mentioned how the artificial intelligence is going to take over the world.

  • In some research, it has been studied that over 63% of the people consider messaging to communicate with a brand or a business. With some many people showing their love for chatbots, Facebook Messenger has already over 100,000 chatbots.
  • 60% of the Gen Xers and 50% of the millennials have the chatbots on the messaging app. Also, it has been seen that over half of the consumers choose the businesses or brands that have the chat apps.
  • Watching the recent leap in the market, it can be easily judged that over 80% of the business across the globe will integrate chatbot in the next 2 years. Well, also by 2020, it has been said by the experts that people will have more conversation with the chatbots than their spouse.
  • The entire chatbot market will expand at a CAGR of 37.11% in the period of 2017 to 2021. Already 38% of the agencies are making use of the AI technologies, which will rise to 62% by the coming years. It will become highly beneficial for the businesses as the chatbots are expected to reduce the cost by $8 billion within the next 4 years. The rate of success of the chatbot interaction in the banking and healthcare sections will reach more than 75% to 90% respectively.
  • Even when we have come across a massive way since 1966, the destination is still far away. There is still a lot to do to get success in the chatbot industry. The future of this particular arena highly depends on the advancement in the Artificial Intelligence. As per the research, one and only way chatbots can behave like an actual human being is by learning the advanced learning processing along with enhancing machine learning algorithms.

In order to acquire such huge progress, the foremost step will be is to collect a huge number of data that can continuously be altered. The only most significant challenge to overcome is to mimic the real-life conversation with the human in the best way possible. Making use of the collected data, chatbots will be able to imitate any human communication and offer an improved experience to the consumers.

Chatbots definitely have a great future in the coming years, but the real deal is whether we will be able to make the conversation like real. This depends on potential and only time will tell.


In today’s era where most of the customers are tech-savvy, having such a bot to resolve the different types of issues can be a great inclusion for brands. Since most of the consumers prefer texting over calling an agent, businesses can undoubtedly witness a huge leap in their profit market. The ability to interact with the consumers about their issues in the friendliest manner and in a simple interface makes these bots a necessity in the coming years.

When it is about lead generation, you might have every tool required, but a bot can be a real-time inclusion. Starting from developing a website, checking the Analytics along with automating lead management procedure can take your brand to a new level. Business can observe an increase in the revenue structure and reach more number of customers. Using such a simple yet highly engaging tool for businesses ensure answering all the queries that your consumers might have. Moreover, when they get accurate answers, it can actually convert the lead to a sale.

So let us see how chatbot is going to revolutionize business conducting procedure in the coming years.

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