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With the advanced methodologies evolving every day in the world of online marketing, experts need to face them with knowledge and skill. Irrespective of being a part of the team of some huge agency or handling a few numbers of projects on your own, being an SEO expert you definitely need to face some challenges. SEO career is a path full of speed breakers and other obstacles, which require knowledge to become a successful person in the career.

You put a lot of effort in making the project successful and make your clients happy, but the bitter truth is no matter how proactive, diligent or organized you are, you will always have to face:

  • Website malfunctions
  • Angry clients
  • Logistical dilemmas and internal issues
  • SEO campaign that cannot provide any information

These challenges can easily be handled with composure, patient, and knowledge but do you know what more are you going to face while moving forward on the roads of your SEO career? Since problems know no endings, you also need to know the simplest ways to overcome the challenges. Today we will find out in details about the ways to handle some common SEO challenges.

what are the challenges:

1. Unable to Manage The Work Load:

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If you are handling SEO clients and want to make them happy by meeting the deadlines, the first and foremost thing you need is to try to be very organized in order to become a successful SEO expert.

There might be times when you can feel that you have taken too much loads on your shoulders than you should or it is just not possible for you to acquire the level that you have already promised your clients by maintaining its quality. This is where comes the need for proper task management.

When you know your resources and your ability or your team’s capability, you need to spread the task properly to everyone. It comes with small activities that include routine speed optimizations, weekly audits, and regular publication of contents and if you miss performing these tasks regularly, you are definitely going to face a hard time.

Proper task management combined with implementing updated methodology can never proffer unsatisfied results.

2. Tackling Client Expectations:

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This is one of the biggest challenges that experts’ face in their career. This is a must-know thing for people who are looking for big clients where there is no other choice than impressing the person.

However, in the course of impressing these huge clients, one of biggest mistakes made by people is to promise something that is beyond expectations and end up failing to impress them. This is why it is always recommended to keep realistic promises and keep the big-fish with you. Words will never impress them, but results will.

Whether you are talking to a client about a quote that you have sent or explaining them about the service or convincing them to continue taking your service, the thumb rule is to set the tight expectations in their mind. This might not proffer great results when it comes to sale but you are setting the right expectations.

This is undeniably a great choice in the long run. And without any doubt, they will be happily extending their service with you. All you need is to set the correct expectations, schedule time properly and overcome the challenges.

3. Unpredicted Drop in the Rankings:

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There are times in your SEO career where you will witness everything going well like running a successful SEO campaign, producing great results for the projects, offering timely results, observing a huge leap in the traffic and everything running just the way you wanted. Suddenly, you find that there is a drop in the rankings.

These are generally caused due to a few reasons which include technical, where there is a change in search engine algorithm or change in the clients’ direction. Since there is always a need to overcome the challenges, the way is to make proper investigation.

When you face such issues, you need to keep a protocol in place for investigation along with rescuing the drop in rankings. In case, it is a client issue, provide them the support to help them recover the transition and bring everything in its place.

4. Staying Updated Becomes Unmanageable:

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As per the SEO industry, it is always appreciated if you have up-to-date knowledge about everything. You need to stay updated with the algorithm updates, search industry along with the Google features, which as a whole can place huge pressure on the shoulders. This is especially more challenging for experts who are trying to thrive in the realm, making better network and also deal with clients issues. When there is so much on your shoulders, it becomes a lot harder to actually stay updated.

So, what is the solution? There is no way out as you need to know have the updated knowledge. So, the only key is to investigate about the tools that can keep you updated.

If you already know about the tools, that’s a great news and in case you have a team, talk to them. Let them do the research on how to make it easier yet more effective and productive. The moment you get there, no one can stop you to reach the success.

5. Depending On One Channel:

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Well, specialization on a single thing has definitely has great value, but in today’s world, it is a big mistake. You definitely cannot have one tactic to achieve the goal. No matter how good you are, today’s world requires more than one channel and only then you can expect to be counting your success stories.

While reframing the approach from SEO to optimizing the online presence, there is always a better chance of generating more stable and better results for clients. This means, just optimizing the client’s website will not proffer results, but you need to emphasize on their citations, social presence, and directories. But you should keep in mind that each and every platform that you take into account had its search engine.

For business, it’s critical to improve the online presence on different platforms in order to reach the zenith.

6. Overseeing The Importance of Multi-Service Approach:

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In the online marketing world, you need to keep in mind that everything will happen one after another. You actually cannot skip one to reach the other. SEO walks equally with content writing, web design, email marketing, paid marketing and also the social media management. When you offer all these in line, it actually makes better sense along with enabling to maintain a constant web presence.

This does not mean that you start offering service beyond your area of expertise. In such situation, both of the parties will fail. You need to keep in mind that clients do not really care what you have done, but they believe in results. Once you promise about offering something that is beyond your skill level, you end up losing business.

So you need to stick to your expertise and only offer additional service when you have the resources.

7. Making Clients Understand About The Metrics:

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If you have been a part of this game for a long time now, you definitely would have known by now metrics doesn’t matter to clients. If something matters, then those are sales and leads.

You can let them know about the great audit that you have just completed, keep them updated with the technical changes that you have made on their website or share the joy of reducing the load time to less than one second. Eventually, they will be asking for the results.

If they are not getting business, no matter even when the bounce rate has gone down, that will not matter to them. The only thing they need is “leads and sales”.

This should be like an anthem to the SEO professionals. You just need to focus on bringing more sales and leads to the clients and spend a little lesser tie of telling them about the metrics.

8. Expecting To Retain The Clients Over Years:

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Irrespective how great and dedicated you have been with your client, the truth is typically you can retain the SEO-client relation not more than two to three years.

You know you have done it all starting from resolving the technical issues to bringing the rankings in the first page and first position, it is better not to expect the relationship to continue over two to three years. Maybe sometimes it is due to the financial aspects or other times, your client is looking for some different thing.

The truth is you cannot keep all your clients with you forever, but you can definitely try to reduce it by making yourself a proactive communicator. This will help to retain more number of clients.

9. Choosing Right Tools:

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When you are managing your agency, it is always recommended to invest in an invoicing tool and on CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

When you have just started and you are taking things for granted, it might end up in bitterness. Right now, you might be thinking to get done with a CRM or DIY invoicing, bit very soon you will get to know the needs. When you invest in the right tools since the start, you will later, in the long run, will thank yourself to lay such a strong foundation.

These days there are lots of options available on the market that will proffer the best results. You need to invest in the apt CRM, email platform, ranking tracking or software tools, competitor research tool, and invoice software. This will help to make the job simpler along with giving flexibility to your job.


Above mentioned are some of the most common challenges that an SEO expert faces in its entire career. The list might increase with coming days, but the answer lies in knowledge. When you have the knowledge and problem-solving mentality, you can overcome any challenge.

SEO is one such industry that will witness constant change but is a rewarding realm if everything is done rightly. Here your technical knowledge, creativity, and implementation on the right area can show progress in the result.

There is no doubt that nothing will come easy when you are playing in this field, but with knowledge you can help your place to rise higher. Although you cannot really predict the obstacles that you are going to face the next day, if you go hand-in-hand with the updates and have in-depth knowledge, you can surpass the challenges.

The more you be a part of this realm, the more you will be able to understand the road ahead. Prepare yourself in a way that you can face the challenges and overcome no matter what comes in front of you.


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