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So you have spent a lot of time on writing some awesome contents that are filled with information but aren’t getting the type of reaction that you are looking for. Already being a blogger, I can understand the challenges that you need to go through every day starting with finding a unique and attractive blog topic, to making proper research to finding the apt image and posting it. But even after putting so much effort, your blog contents are not getting indexed by Google. It is indeed frustrating.

Are you thinking why? Obviously being a blogger who is consistently putting effort when not getting the right kind of result and appreciation can become very frustrating.

If you are thinking that your blog genre has some problem or gets less traffic than other, then the truth is competition is everywhere. All you need is to let Google know about your awesome contents in order to help the readers find you. Optimization is a must for the writers in order to get into the eye of the readers.

However, just optimizing the website is not the key. Google has given different tools like the Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and much more which works as a catalyst for your content. Being a blogger, you need to understand that two main tools that can be extremely very profitable for your website are the Sitemap submission tool and the Crawl error reports.

Even when these are available, most of the bloggers and SEO strategist underestimates the power of these tools and wait for weeks to find results. Opting for the right tool ensures getting your contents indexed within a very less time. This is just like the magical button.

So, today we will learn more about the different ways to index your blog contents faster than before. Practicing these methods and techniques can cut the need for waiting for weeks and months.

Fastest Ways To Index The Blog Contents:

1. Write Quality Contents:

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One of the most important steps that you primarily need to focus on is to write quality contents. You need to understand that if your content does not have that edge, your readers will never get attracted. Google loves fresh and quality contents and it is always recommended to create contents at least more than 500 words.

Regular posting of contents on the website along with availing the optimization techniques and tools can proffer great results. This is definitely the first and foremost step prior to opting for other tools and techniques.

2. Create a Sitemap:

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Have you thought of creating a sitemap for your website? If not, you immediately need to create a sitemap as it is the XML document on the server of your website that actually lists each and every page on the website. Having a sitemap on your website means whenever you will add any new page, the search engine will be directly notified.

Suppose you want the search engine to return back to check the homepage of your website in order to check the new products, new contents and new items, the sitemap can be the notifier. When the website is developed on WordPress, you need to install the “Google XML Sitemaps Plugin” and give the entire responsibility to make and update the sitemap along with submitting them to the search engines. Other than these, you can also use the tools like XML Sitemaps Generator.

3. Use Google Webmaster Tools:

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Primarily, you need to create the sitemap for the new website and then take it to the Google Webmaster Tools. In case you don’t have an account, all you need is to create the free Google account and then sign up for the Webmaster Tools.

Once you have created the account, add the new website to the Webmaster Tools and then opt for the optimization > Sitemaps and last but not the least, add the link to the website’s sitemap. If you want to enjoy added advantages, then create an account with the Bing and then submit it for your sitemap through their webmaster tools.

4. Install Google Analytics:

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This is chiefly done for the purpose of tracking but then again it might give information to Google that a new website has emerged from the horizon. This will again help to index the blog content.

5. Submit the website URL to the Search Engines:

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Different people will come up with different suggestions, but if you have the zeal to reach the zenith, you need to do it all. Some people might recommend you not to opt for it but since it hardly takes a minute and does not harm anything, you can definitely opt for it.

So all you need is to sign in to your sign into your Google Account and submit your URL from the “Submit URL” option available in the Webmaster tool.

6. Create and Regularly Update Your Social Profiles:

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It does not need any introduction that people are very active in the social media platforms and most of the readers will get notified about your existence from the social networking sites. This is where you need to focus as it has a huge number of advantages of creating the social profiles.

Start creating your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ and if you have videos to share, don’t forget to start your channel on YouTube. The more you use your social profiles, the more you start building your network.

7. Don’t Forget About the “RSS ME”:

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This is again one of the most important steps for the bloggers to help Google know about their existence. When observed, you will find that most of the blog hosting does not have the RSS available automatically and which is where you need to add it to your website. Once you have added it, make sure that the RSS links are there in the obvious spot. Do not place them at the bottom of the index page or hide them from the “About Us” page. The best way is to place all these subscribe links in the sidebar as this is where people look for them.

8. Build Quality Backlinks:

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Being a blogger and with the only agenda to reach more number of readers, you need to get a huge number of quality backlinks. This is one of simplest and best ways to enhance the website traffic and get the rank higher in the top search engines. Being a blogger, you need to understand that in order to get quality backlinks, you need to write quality contents. Only quality contents can help to build backlinks.

Some of the most common methods to build backlinks is by regular blog commenting, use forums, guest posting, interlink blog posts, submit the RSS feed and last but never the least write awesome contents that will compel people to ask for writing contents on their website.

9. Don’t Forget To Use The Internal Links On The Website:

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Just writing quality contents isn’t enough as you need your readers to know more about you. Suppose you have written an amazing blog which is getting extraordinary appreciation from the readers, it will definitely attract more number of viewers. But in order to keep your readers engaged and let them know about your website and blog contents, the best way to put the internal links on your blog page.

Internal linking is always advised as one of the most important steps for the bloggers as it paves the path for the readers to know more about your blog thereby getting more and more traffic.


Writing quality blogs is definitely a need for the newbies’ in the market but then again practicing these additional tips and tricks can actually proffer great results in an unexpectedly lesser time. Undoubtedly Google is tricky and a challenging realm that has no escape, but if you follow the norms i.e. the tools and techniques of blog indexing you can definitely acquire great results.

Once your website or blog contents get indexed, you can start observing overwhelming traffic to your blog. In addition to this, once you follow the techniques and tools, you will be finding the contents are getting discovered by the search engine much faster. Always make sure of setting up the sitemaps or have the RSS feed on your website. The fastest and simplest way to understand the traffic is by keeping a constant eye on the Google Analytics.

So in the competitive era where there are millions of bloggers fighting to get more and more readers, you need to put an additional effort just to make your blog popular. Make sure you follow all of the above-mentioned techniques as these are recommended by Google itself. To make the Godfather happy along with getting your blog indexed without waiting for months and years, better to abide the rules.

So don’t just be a part of the competition, go ahead and become the toughest competitor.


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