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Ayan Sarkar

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The digital world is fast evolving with the rapid growth and changes in SEO strategies gifting you your desired SERPs. We surely have come across the phrase “Content Is the King”. Now this in turn supports the growing demands of content marketing strategies. One of the major problems which SEO experts face in the present times is that their SEO strategies and content marketing is not working hand in hand. Now to do things in the traditional way, what is most important is that these two SEO strategies work hand in hand.

Now when it is the question of extremely competitive niches just high quality content or excellent SEO strategies does not work single-handedly. You can get the best answer by searching in Google the term “Content Marketing”.

There are some names which will top the list which are as follows.

Content Marketing Institute

With trust among online users as well as website owners, they have gained their rankings. So if you are writing a post then you do have to select the right kind of keywords with the chances of acquiring more links. With right information, you can get maximum inbound links to your blogs helping it appear on the first page of Google.

Here are steps which can surely help you to coordinate SEO strategies and content marketing.

Step 1: Delve Into Your Right Position In Google

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Before taking any serious steps, you need to get an idea about the kind of keywords which is already bringing you traffic and conversions. To get answer to such sort of queries, Google Analytics can surely be of great help. Get your Analytics account connected with Google Search Console account. But from this console, you will not get idea about the keywords which have converted as this access is only allowed for the landing pages.

But not to worry as there are various tools which can be used like SEMrush, SpyFu, SERPstat which can surely give your desired data. With these tools, you can get an idea about which URL appears for which particular keywords. In fact for particular keywords, how far your ranking is in Google is shown by these websites.

Step 2: Find The Keywords That Matches

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In step 1, you have found out some keywords. It is time to find similar keywords from the ones you have discovered right during step 1. Take the example, keywords related to a particular problem brought you maximum conversion. It is certainly a good idea to create more content using keywords related to the subject.

The reason being that keyword usually shows the behavior of your audience’s search behavior. In fact the keywords with which you have ranking surely have the highest potential to bring you more paying clients.

Now there are surely various steps which can help you to find these keywords. You can completely check the Google’s Autocomplete. These suggestions can be looked manually or with the help of various websites or tools.

Take my words; before you can ponder hard for the title of your next piece of content, you surely need to know which subject will resonate the most with the target audience. With effective tools, you can get an idea about what people are searching in Google’s auto complete. There are tools which are built on databases of myriad of data and they can predict what one is going to ask right on the data which is already put in.

With more variation in keywords, you will get more content ideas. In fact you should also check the search volumes for each keyword. This will give you an estimate of users you can potentially bring on board. There is a particular tool which can be tried which is SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool. This will provide you with important information with metrics such as

  • Volume and CPC
  • The difficulty of keywords
  • The level of competition
  • SERP features
  • Broad and Exact match keywords

This tool will surely gather the data you need with wide range of analysis for group of keywords as well as single keywords.

Step 3: Check Your Level Of Competition In SERPS

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By following the above two steps, you have the list of keywords which are related to your profitable search queries. The last step will be to choose keywords with the help of which you can rank higher in Google.

There is a tool by the name SEMrush Keyword Difficult Tool which can give you an idea about how difficult it will be to promote your keywords in the SERPs based on the visibility of your domain in organic search results. But with this tool, you will not get idea about the number of referring domains or page URL; one is trying to look up.

Collect the list of pages and domains which is rank in Google for the list of keywords in the previous steps. With this process safely done, you can now get idea about the ranking difficulty for the entered keywords with the explanation of the keywords in URL and title along with the monthly clicks and search results.

After this you need to give a check to the referring domain allowing to analyze multiple links. Well then you can get an understanding of the keywords and the less competition based on real SERPs results.

In fact you can also estimate the number of visitors one will attract on monthly basis calculating conversions one will potentially earn as you have researched keywords connected to profitable ones.


Yes there are websites which have credibility and trust of searchers which help them to rank right in the top. But it is not necessary that you will have to do that. Try to work with the keywords which you already have.

Analyze the situation of the current keywords bringing you traffic effectively thus increasing sales. Try to look for keywords which are related to those keywords.

Evaluate the performance of the site’s URL to see exactly how many of the referring domains each of the page needs for staying visible in search results. Try to elaborate on those topics in which the target audience takes maximum interest in. There are various marketing tools which can help for leveraging the hard work you are putting with the research of online marketing strategy. Be careful of your competition.


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