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Google keeps on updating its algorithm just to make sure that no one is taking a wrong step and everyone gets a chance to recover. Unlike every other updates, just the last week Google confirmed its core algo update.

Danny Sullivan from Google declared that Google is nor focusing on the low quality websites. He also continued that it is no harm in fixing the sites which have lost its rankings. With this announcement, it crashed the usual speculation regarding the Phantom updates.

In this update made by Google, there are multiple things associated with the various aspects of “low quality signals”.

What Is This New Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Broad Core Algorithm Update

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Even when Google generally foes not announce their updates to the core algorithm since such core algorithm updates takes place every single day or probably twice every single day. There are a lot different from the usual Google updates the rolls out once and give a heart attack to the owners and experts.

This core update happens various times in a year. The term used by Google for such updates are known as “Broad Core Algorithm Update”.

Most Common Signs for This Broad Core Algorithm Update:

Quality update

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Google understand from the point of view of website owners as well and hence they leave some clues for the updates. Well, since it is a recent update made, here are some of the things that we can understand.

  • The prime agenda of this update is to offer significant search results
  • Once a website loses its rankings, there is no means to fix it
  • Nothing is wrong in the websites that have lost its rankings
  • The improvement will be aligned more towards the contents but it is never any quality issue

Here is a glimpse of the announcement made by Google on Twitter:

“Each day, Google usually releases one or more changes designed to improve our results. Some are focused around specific improvements. Some are broad changes. Last week, we released a broad core algorithm update. We do these routinely several times per year….”

This is somewhat akin to the previous updates with core algorithm updates, only difference is, this time it is made on much broader scale. Till now, it has been observed that Google keeps updating its core algorithm regularly since 2012 and which results in ending with 665 updates every year.

Why Google Maintains Transparency?

Google Maintains Transparency

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Since years, the SEO or the marketing industries have presumed that the core algorithm updates made by Google targets only the “low quality webpages”. Well, this is disheartening since it results in ignoring the vast prospects that the core algorithm updates might just be the improvements to offering the best and relevant answer to search queries.

This means, if Google core algorithm updates is inclined to improving its capability to answer the search queries, the entire SEO industry will be proved wrong about the assumption hey have that “sites with low-rankings has done something wrong”.

Until the recent announcement, Google never clarified the types of improvement they are focused into making and which as a result ended up an such a huge speculation. The peculation is going since years… probably ages. Sometimes, it sounds like Google has all the time and knowledge on creating algorithms which aims only low quality websites.

The Truth is Google Algorithm have More Functionality Than Just Targeting The Low Quality Web Pages:

Google SEO Updates

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Google’s algorithm updates are made for better user-experience. Undoubtedly, they comprehend the difference between algorithm that can indentify revenant answers to the search query and an algorithm that only have one function on earth i.e. “targeting low-quality web pages”.

The SEO industry definitely needs to understand that Google’s algorithm is not obsessed to low quality and completely ignoring the developments in the search queries.

Google Simply Dismissed The Speculation Related To The Phantom Update:

Phantom Update

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For the past so many years, SEO industry has known that Google’s algorithm updates are focused on just low quality web pages. Since the speculation was going beyond the limit, Google was compelled to open up. Google’s spokespersons not only denied it, but also discourage such speculations.

When Google was asked regarding the chatter about the Phantom update, Google actively said that there were no such significant updates apart from the regular changes to the core algorithm.

Do you know how often Google update its core algorithm? The answer is twice a day — every day.

If whatever chattered was true, then any SEO expert can pick a random day in a week and declare about the update, which will be correct. But, it is totally unfair to state that the updates were covering more hacks along with were targeting web pages of low quality. As mentioned above, algorithms have much more job than just targeting the low quality pages.

The Core Algorithm Gets Updates Twice everyday

The Core Algorithm Gets Updates Twice everyday

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A few years back, Gogle came out with one information stating regarding the algorithm which said that Google rolls out at least two updates in the core algorithm a day and every day.

Here is what it stated:

“…our most experienced search engineers carefully review the data from all the different experiments and decide if the change is approved to launch. It sounds like a lot, but the process is well refined, so an engineer can go from idea to live on Google for a percentage of users in 24 hours. Based on all of this experimentation, evaluation and analysis, we launched 665 improvements to search in 2012.”

In the year 2012 alone, Google made 665 improvements in its search. When you take into account the number, you definitely can comprehend why the spokespersons kept on saying that there were no updates — simple because there were no updates.

Gary Illyes, the webmaster trend analyst was not prepared to name it as the “daily core algorithm update”. According to him, picking up one and name one from several updates in a month was a total bizarre idea. When asked more about it, he just suggested a name after his pet fish — Fred.

Google Crushes The Phantom Update Assumption:

Google Phantom Update

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Sullivan eventually took a stand to announce that there was nothing as the speculation read in contents to the targeting of low quality websites. It was baseless to add such speculation.

  • Takeaway 1: What Improvements is Google making?

He further added that, “I love to keep myself up to date on the information retrieval research. Since I can make sure that I read the recent patents and research papers, I could see those were mostly on 22 areas. Surprisingly, none of the research focused on targeting the low quality web pages.

Here are the genres that are related to SEO:

  1. Understanding the contents
  2. Understanding user intent

These are some of the areas that are a part of the Broad Core Algorithm Updates of Google. There is always a possibility that Google would improve its way for understanding the contents better, if so then how will one optimize it?

It is definitely impossible to beat such algorithm just by using some mere synonyms or from Thesaurus. Apparently, it is now clear why Sullivan announced that it was not something to fix.

  • Takeaway 2: It is Not About Low Quality

Sullivan again cleared that the research was not about finding low-quality web pages. The reason is Google’s researchers do not really focus on it.

If someone is eager to find in details, he or she needs to check the patents and research papers made years back which are related to “finding the low-quality contents”. Majority of SEO related information is focused on understanding the contents and user intent.

If this is the case i.e. if those are the only areas search engine is focusing, then it is certainly clear that the algorithm update is much concerned about the ranking not “targeting” low-quality web pages.

Presuming such a fact of “targeting low-quality web pages” is completely baseless as they are no valid patents or research papers available to justify the fact.

Check this link to find the research papers of Google ( ) and find out time out, if you can, to check the “low-quality web page” algorithm. Let you eyes and you do the justice.

  • Takeaway 3: What can be the best solution to regain the rankings?

Even when Google has already states that there is no solution, but then again SEO is proactive. Everything that Google has advised is to wait for the content to show up in comparison to the other pages. Only when your content is awesome and netter than competitors, it will rise.

Since Google search results are all about solver user queries, so probably the contents are less inclined towards focusing on keywords and more inclined to offering solution to the problems or answer to the queries. Contents are having more relevancies on the topic will be preferred as it ensures acquire better user experience.

When Google says to make great contents, it means to focus on user relevant keywords, because algorithm updates is all about search queries.


The search results in Google are mostly focused on providing the best answer to the user queries. This again means that contents you are making need to have the “problem-solving tone” and a solution as well. It is all about user experience. When you contents have the right spices, it will hit the bar.


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