Google’s biggest search competitor is none other than Amazon


Well it is always race in the technological world especially with the rapidly developing web services. SEO services are seriously into prominence with the strive of each tech companies to be on top of the race. As obviously among all the tech companies, the name of the American multinational company Google is frequently heard. Given its rising popularity in the SEO sector, Google certainly has a wide lot of competitors.

According to reports, Google’s Eric Schmidt has remarked that the organization is facing threat from all sides and Google’s biggest search competitor is obviously Amazon. Amazon is electronic commerce company settled in Seattle in the United States. The company was incorporated by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 on July 5. However the website went online with the name in the year 1995.

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During a visit to a software and hardware company in Berlin, Eric Schmidt has remarked that according to many people and their notions, Google faces maximum competition from Yahoo and Bing. However it is not true. Though Amazon is not a search engine but still most people end up on the website when looking for something to buy. People are also looking for different products reviews as well opinion on the website of Amazon thus contributing to its rising popularity.

Google has a wide lot of users from all across the globe. It also has number of critics and faces numerous oppositions from various companies on international forum. History proves that the rising popularity of website or forum among users can certainly lead to the downfall of another. The biggest example of this is certainly Orkut which was overshadowed by the popularity of Facebook. Google is also trying to build and develop its ecommerce sector to attract more and more viewers to its page. Now who will be in lead is upon time to decide and answer.


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