E-commerce Marketing Techniques To Personalize Customer Experience


This year digital marketers will revamp techniques for making user experience more personal in nature. Take for example receiving 360 degrees of customer information which will ultimately lead towards paving the way for better Ecommerce experience is one of its priorities. For this they will try out newer techniques and tools. A good example shall be the deployment of tools for managing digital analytics which then followed by customization of platforms will lead towards a multi-advantageous outcome.


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An advantage of platform personalization is helping towards delivery of a more cross-channel and data-driven experience. Additional advantages will be getting full information on your customer journey through implementation of predictive analytics engine.


A joint study conducted by Microsoft and CMO Council has proven that marketers will seek better understanding of data and intelligence on their part to select the best experience for customers.


This year machine learning is a hot favorite although among a group of 179 marketing experts this point is holding a meager 16% assent.


Data Analysis

On the question of personalized platform respondents reacted in below-mentioned percentage:


26% were 100% confident of its success; 49% respondents were hopefully optimistic; 17% would rather wait than rush in to implement the technique and the rest 8% were not very hopeful of its success.


One of the primary reasons for the success of personalized platform is a single view of customer. This point was raised by 37% of respondents. An omni-channel approach was favored by 29% respondents; another 22% put in the requirement for engaging flexible tools for enabling more user engagement and 12% held predictive analysis as an essential point.


To measure customer experience digital marketers are no longer resorting upon age-old methods like that of the number of views, clicks and open rates. Shifts have been observed in rates of improvement towards acquisition as well as retention percentage of customers. Some other important metrics are an increase of revenue per transaction; value of customer retention and engagements for cross-sell and upsell. Still 52% of respondents called for high customer satisfaction.


Defining Personalization

In simple terms, personalization means analyzing a customer’s past behavior to predict his future actions. Digital marketers will communicate and place offers based on such futuristic probable actions taken by customers. However, only 8% organizations are implementing big data analytics and predictive analytics regularly to serve a personalized customer experience.


Past data analysis may leave your customers annoyed as they may not like such intrusive techniques. But when your brand has offered them an excellent past experience it is likely that your customer would like to share personal information believing that it would enhance his/her experience.


Header Source: http://bit.ly/1p0ue6O


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