How Page Load Speed Improve Business Prospect And Conversion Rate?

Table Of Contents: Introduction What Is Page Speed? How Slow Is Actually Slow? Why Page Speed Is Important? Factors That Are Responsible For Slowing Down The Web Page Speed A Bottleneck And High Traffic Causes Slow Website The Website Isn’t Properly Optimized/ Configured Database Is Overloaded There’s An Issue With The DNS, Host Or ISP You’re Using A Lot Of External Resources Web Designing Can Be A Major Reason Too How To Find Webpage Loading Speed? How To Increase Page Loading Speed? GZIP Compression Tools Enable Caches Minify JavaScript and CSS Get A Faster Web Server Minimize Redirects To Accelerate Web Page Speed Put JS At The Bottom And CSS At The Top Of HTML Files Optimize Images Clean Up…

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A Detailed Guide into Schema and Microdata

schema microdata

Index: 1. What is schema 2. Why schema is so important 3. How to use schema markup on your website 4. Here are certain tips on how to use schema markup 5. Some of important schemas and how to use them in your website 5.1. Article 5.2. Local business 5.3. Event 5.4. Software Application 5.5. Brand 5.6. Review 5.7. Product 5.8. Movie 5.9. Person 5.10. Book 5.11. Video 5.12. Recipe 5.13. Mobile Application 5.14. Contact us 5.15. Web page 5.16. Gmail markup The word schema plays a very vital part in the world of web technology. Most of the tech-pro are well versed with the use of schemas, their variations as well as their different types. But those who are…

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Gaining Online Presence with Custom Website Development

Technology plays an important role in every domain of life. Every business sector is now striving to make an online presence. Custom website development is a significant aspect of web technology that reduces the gap between the customers and the products. In the present time, not only the product’s information but also the product’s appearance is important. Benefits of custom website development Your website should be custom made to attract more and more visitors. Along with improvising your web presence, there are numerous benefits of customizing website which are as follows:- What is most important for a website is global exposure. Internet can provide one with numerous opportunities if used properly. If your web applications are optimized and custom made,…

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Choose the right WordPress theme for your hotel’s website

More and more real estate platforms are now being developed to support the flourishing hotel and tourism industry. These online platforms offer pre-bookings facility and online booking facility. For developing these websites, WordPress Theme Customization Service can prove to be highly beneficial as it will enhance the functionality of the website. Important determining factors for choosing WordPress Hotel themes It is very necessary to make your business stand out amongst the others. That is the foremost reason why you should choose the right WordPress hotel theme. There are three important determinants which when provided by a WordPress theme to your hotel website can prove beneficial for one and all. These are: Rate pages: This is the most important page which…

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Real estate website development- Why choose Webskitters?

With the changing face of internet technology, real estate industry is significantly influenced. Realtors need to connect with their prospective buyers and sellers not only offline but also online as well. For the right marketing, a right website is certainly very necessary for any real estate platform. Why real estate business does needs a website? For any successful online real estate practice, the cornerstone is certainly a good website. One must be wondering what the use of website in a real estate market since most of the work is certainly done without the use of computer and internet. However the technological boom has touched the real estate sector also. A good website with the right user interface can work wonders…

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