Which Is The Best Platform For Your eCommerce – Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce?

You might be wondering why on earth we are comparing Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce? Well, it is not unknown to people that Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce are the popular solutions for eCommerce site development. If calculated these three platforms together, there are more than 2.5 million online stores they run. With these scalable, functional, nice design providing platforms, one can easily build an eCommerce site even without having any prior experience in this very field. Because of these particular reasons, all of them are the leaders. However, these platforms are very different in their structures. So far, we have created a bunch of eCommerce resources, but none of them experienced any specific differences betwixt Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce.…

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9 Popular Web Development Service Trends Every CTO Should Expect In 2020

Technological advancement never fails to bring web development service trends every year. And for decision-makers, it is very much important to know about those trends. Are you wondering why decision-makers need to know about those trends? Well, there are two reasons that approach the same for decision-makers. The first one is to sustain ever-rising competition and the second one is to sharpen their knowledge. In addition, keeping up with these changes is enough to discourage most organizations. So, it is important to take the power in your hand and be a leader of this competition. To reshape your business in 2020, you must know about these. To save your time and money while providing a concentrated piece of information about…

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Top Magento plugins for your e-Commerce Sale

Magento is in the top e-commerce platform list used by 12 percent of digital software owners, where Shopify and WooCommerce tend to acquire the most attractive position. Magento is an open-source e-Commerce platform, created using Zend Framework and written in PHP. In 2019, over 2,50,000 e-commerce sites rely on Magento. It is quite an impressive position as there are 1.5 billion websites in total on the internet. Top brands like Samsung, Ford, Lenovo, Vizio, Nestle, Nike, Foxconnect – from large scale to small enterprises use Magento Electronic Commerce CMS. Its versatile content management capabilities made it popular among the developers. It offers mobile-friendly and custom integration functions. In terms of security, stability, and support it proves to be an all-rounder.…

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How Page Load Speed Improve Business Prospect And Conversion Rate?

Table Of Contents: Introduction What Is Page Speed? How Slow Is Actually Slow? Why Page Speed Is Important? Factors That Are Responsible For Slowing Down The Web Page Speed A Bottleneck And High Traffic Causes Slow Website The Website Isn’t Properly Optimized/ Configured Database Is Overloaded There’s An Issue With The DNS, Host Or ISP You’re Using A Lot Of External Resources Web Designing Can Be A Major Reason Too How To Find Webpage Loading Speed? How To Increase Page Loading Speed? GZIP Compression Tools Enable Caches Minify JavaScript and CSS Get A Faster Web Server Minimize Redirects To Accelerate Web Page Speed Put JS At The Bottom And CSS At The Top Of HTML Files Optimize Images Clean Up…

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A Detailed Guide into Schema and Microdata

schema microdata

Index: 1. What is schema 2. Why schema is so important 3. How to use schema markup on your website 4. Here are certain tips on how to use schema markup 5. Some of important schemas and how to use them in your website 5.1. Article 5.2. Local business 5.3. Event 5.4. Software Application 5.5. Brand 5.6. Review 5.7. Product 5.8. Movie 5.9. Person 5.10. Book 5.11. Video 5.12. Recipe 5.13. Mobile Application 5.14. Contact us 5.15. Web page 5.16. Gmail markup The word schema plays a very vital part in the world of web technology. Most of the tech-pro are well versed with the use of schemas, their variations as well as their different types. But those who are…

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