2016 Top 16 Advertising Tips for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns through Social-media channels are gaining in popularity as more and more audiences are registering with them. In this article we are focusing upon tips to run highly successful ad campaigns on Facebook. Let’s take a look at them. 1. Zero in on your Goals Remember that like every other sectors of life this is a good practice to zero in on your goals before you begin your work. Don’t be in this false notion that aim to attract more traffic to your Facebook page and engaging more followers are similar things. These are 2 different parameters and call for different values. That’s why select the Ad Type cautiously. New Ad Scheming recommends various ad formats on the basis…

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8 features of Facebook for strategizing online marketing

Facebook is undoubtedly great medium for socializing but it has undergone great and significant revolution in the world of online marketing. As per statistics, Facebook presently has more than 1.3 billion users creating waves in the world of referral traffic. The main question lies in the fact what is the extent to which online marketers are willing to be creative and channelize their potential. The biggest confusion among online marketers is that learning or mastering the different marketing tools which Facebook has to bring forward. The general tendency is to overlook some of the important features. To gain advancement in social media efforts as well as to properly gear up considering the potential rankings, it is very necessary to bring…

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Widening your Organic Reach on Facebook

The use of Facebook is certainly entertaining but difficult when one wishes to get organic results. There are several hard ways to do it that.   It is needless that the most popular along with the trending social media is undoubtedly Facebook. With every passing day, the followers along with the likes are increasing at an interesting pace. Now here comes the interesting part. The most difficult job concerning the world of Facebook is that of a Facebook marketer. There is very high competition out there in the world of Facebook. There are some specific users to nearly follow a post multiple times a day. The world of Facebook is competitive so you do need to post engaging content to…

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