Transformation of e-Commerce with the hands of Voice Search

Introduction Why Voice search is important in E-Commerce? Brand Visibility Voice Search Intelligence Voice search is easily accessible Multi-purpose Devices Transformation in Marketing Strategy The response of the Brands Get Technical with Smart Speaker Marketing Creative Skills and Action Final Discussion The presence of e-Commerce has remarkably evolved the whole face of the online market. The introduction of voice-controlled search has fuelled the evolution to shape the modern-day world even more advanced and simpler. Some advance platforms like Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri are extremely proficient in managing the tasks efficiently. You can book a taxi, call your friends, send messages, play songs and can command over any activity through your voice. It can be used as a…

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Rank your page at Top with the SEO Techniques

Everyone wants their webpage to appear at the pick of any search result. If you want to get more engagement in your page and seek search engines to recognize your keywords, then you have to master the Search Engine Optimisation Techniques. The SEO of your website is the way to reach your website visible at the top position of search results. There is a lot of competition out there so, in order to gain a superior position, you have to be strategic. Keyword-targeted blogs are a treasure to give your website the acquired outcome. In this blog, I will reveal the techniques to make your blog or article keyword-targeted and favourably optimized. It is a huge area to deal with…

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10 killer strategies for the growth of business

The success of all business lies in how you promote your business and how much people get notified of that. No matter how good your product and services are until you use the right platform to reach the right customer, your efforts would not support you. In all businesses large scale and small scale, choosing the perfect strategy will lead you to the summit of success. There is no ‘Luck’ in marketing, rather it is a trick a business person uses to catch consumers. Now, technology has occupied a massive position in everyone’s life. Maximum potential people are tech-savvy and they have less time. Technology is dominating the world so in order to market your business you have to apply…

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7 Ways To Improve Your Title Tags For Better Search Traffic

Table Of Contents: Introduction Here Are ways where you can start when it is the question of your title tags. Numbers Date Length Variants and Synonyms Call to Action Keywords Referring Keywords Questions Conclusion Introduction Image courtesy: The title tag is something which we are familiar with. But the question which may bother us is whether title tag still does matter in the world of SEO. Well very honestly it does to a great extent. In short, title tags could be modified in an effective way to increase the rankings and traffic of the website. One of the important aspects of title tag not to be forgotten is the click-through rate which can measure the increase in traffic if…

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SEO Essentials To Garner Maximum Traffic For Your Long Blog Post

Table Of Contents: Introduction SEO Essentials Which Is Must For Every Long Form Blog Post. Keyword Research Insert Long-Tail Keywords Making Use Of The Right H1 Tag Detailing The Right Subheadings Bringing In Schema Markup Sharing The Content With Right Influencers For Gathering Effective Back Links Optimizing The URL Creating Outbound Links Inserting Internal Links Make Use Of LSI Keywords Use The Right Title Tag Building An SEO-friendly Meta Description Making The Website Mobile Friendly Keep In Mind The Site Speed Optimizing The Body Content As Per Your Keywords Try Using The Focus Keyword Early On Keep In Mind The Keyword Frequency Learning About The User Intent Try Using LSI Keywords In The H2 Subheadings Keep The Social Buttons Easy…

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