7 Facts About Adwords Store Conversion Never To Be Missed By A Marketer

Introduction What does the term “store visit conversion” means? What is the technology used to measure store visits? What is new with Store Visits? Can beacons be used by Google to improve? How many visits at store are incremental? How can one understand the store visit conversions? Where can one view visit conversions? Conclusion Introduction Well E-commerce sales usually in most cases totals more than $341 billion in the upcoming year 2015. That is really great. But nearly 90 percent of sales still happen in stores and certainly not online as per Google. In the year 2014, Adwords introduced in-store visits metric. In true sense, the consumer purchase journey is surely not an easy one and Google surely wanted to…

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How To Use Google AdWords For Enhanced Business Prospects

Table Of Contents: Online Advertising & Its Values Benefits Of Online Advertising How People Respond To Online Advertising? An Introduction To AdWords Key Terms Related With AdWords Benefits Of AdWords Google’s Ad Networks AdWords Campaigns Where Your Ads Can Appear With AdWords? Improving Ad Quality Targeting Your Ads Tools Required To Plan A Campaign Payment And Budget Of An AdWord Campaign Starting The Campaign Factors That Influence Your Campaign In Google Adwords Measure Your Results Measure Your Performance Evaluate Metrics Relevant To Your Goals How To Improve Your AdWords CTR? Optimize Your Campaign Online Advertising & Its Values Online advertising has emerged as the efficient platform for businesses of various size and verticals to shape their future, expand their reach…

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Ways To Clean Up Your PPC Keywords

The cornerstone of any successful PPC campaign is the right keyword research- which means choosing the best keywords to bid on that are most likely to see in clicks and conversions. To be honest, keyword research is part science and part art as well as understanding the customers as well as predicting the terms of what they are actually typing into the search box. These keywords are the best option to show that your ads show up at the right time as well as in the right place especially when they are searching for the kinds of products or services which we offer.   There is no better way to kick off the season by performing a thorough PPC keywords…

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Top 7 Tips to Lower the CPC of your AdWord Campaigns

We all know how competitive is the world of AdWords campaign? In this scenario one of the most vital steps to undertake is the ways to lower your CPC rate for chosen keywords. This is a major way to be highly competitive and at last becoming successful in all your efforts in Online Advertisement. Achieving lower CPC may depend upon levels of difficulty and upon factors like your products/services, industry and targeted location. In this article we shall try to explore methods to achieve lower CPC and they are as follows:   1. Place Lower Bids: Placing lower bids is one of the most ordinary but highly effective ways to lower the average CPC rate of your Adwords campaign. In…

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Widening your Organic Reach on Facebook

The use of Facebook is certainly entertaining but difficult when one wishes to get organic results. There are several hard ways to do it that.   It is needless that the most popular along with the trending social media is undoubtedly Facebook. With every passing day, the followers along with the likes are increasing at an interesting pace. Now here comes the interesting part. The most difficult job concerning the world of Facebook is that of a Facebook marketer. There is very high competition out there in the world of Facebook. There are some specific users to nearly follow a post multiple times a day. The world of Facebook is competitive so you do need to post engaging content to…

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