Portfolio Bid Strategies: Advanced Addition to Adwords Automated Biddings

Successful Adwords campaigns are carried forward by a successful bidding process. Bidding helps you to correctly choose revenue driving keywords and specify other areas which bring in high profit. Now, very soon Google will roll out revamped automated bidding processes for Adwords. This year further Adwords updates will simplify formation of bid strategies which will perfectly align with performance goals.   Earlier advertisers received outstanding results after they implemented automated bidding strategies to their ad campaigns. It greatly improved conversions and in the end raising their ROI. Automated bidding strategies best optimize bids for every auction. New revamp will let you modify workflow in your favor.   It will let you directly add or create new items with your portfolio…

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How Google’s Core Algorithm Updates Impact your Site Ranks

Recently many Webmasters and SEOs have reported big changes in ranks at Google. Its reply regarding all these hue and cry is because of ongoing updates for its Core Algorithm. Removing shroud of mystery Google’s Garry Illyes said that these are changes in ‘core algorithm’ and ‘not penguin’. As Webmasters are curious to see which expected Penguin updates will hit the platform- as it is expected to do so early this year- noticing some changes in overall rankings many people quickly react and term this to be Penguin update.   However, according to Google, these are just some updates at core ranking algorithm. The huge hue and cry was however not without basis as volatile results appear with search results…

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Google’s Plan for Naming its Next Android Version

Google Android Webskitters

Since India-born Sundar Pichai became the Google CEO among many other speculations one of the most interest generating was naming ways of its Android versions. Why should be names based upon only western sweets? Why not Indian sweets’ names be included or for that matter from any other country? Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop and now Marshmallow. The naming style is really controversial. However, Google may soon give up such an idea and may come up with an interesting alternative. During his recent short trip to India, Sundar Pichai faced an interesting video question while he was interacting with students from Sri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. The question was about Google’s style of naming its Android versions. Pichai said that…

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Top Promises Made by Sundar Pichai at India’s Google Event

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is in India. This is the first overseas trip to India of this India-born CEO of this big US technology giant. Well the top executives from Google as well as Youtube have talked about the plans for the company for India. Here are some of the key takeaways which should be focused about what Google CEO has said. 1. 100 stations which go live along with Wi-fi by the end of 2016 The giant of technology Google will surely bring the connectivity of internet to nearly 100 railway stations across the country by the end of next year. The agreement had been signed by the telecom wing of the Indian Railway and RailTel along…

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Some Visionary Comments by Tim Cook at ‘Hour of Code’

Recent comment made by Apple CEO Tim Cook is truely depicting the present and coming day scenario in best light. Computer programming languages are going to be one of the topmost skills for getting a job. That’s why according to Mr. Cook along with teaching your children other languages it is equally important to teach them a coding language. The more are they young, the better it is. Speaking with a congregation of third-graders in New York on Dec. 9Th Mr. Cook was delivering an Hour of CodeĀ class at a Manhattan-based Apple store. Afterwards, in an interview he said that not much is being done in this sector. Schools are not giving in required importance in this regard and…

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