Everything You Need To Know About Mobile App Ecosystem

Table Of Contents: Introduction What Is An Ecosystem? What Is Applications Ecosystem? Mobile App Ecosystem Where The Mobile App Ecosystem Will Lead Us? Paradigm Shift Why There Are Changes In The Mobile Sector? What Changes Can We Expect From It? Trends of Mobile App Ecosystem Developers Ignoring App Store Developers Escape The Consumer Market Apps Escape From Screens Platform Players Are Escaping Mobile Final Note Introduction   The mobile has become an integral part of everybody‚Äôs life. There are only a hand full of people around the world who will disagree with this statement. The advancement in the mobile technology has helped in transforming our lives meticulously and has catered to meet the emerging demands of collaboration, communication, efficiency, and…

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Boost Your Business by Focusing on Mobile Apps Marketing

Marketing is a term every one of you is familiar with. Presenting your product or service in front of your target audience in the most lucrative manner is the simplest and easiest definition for marketing. It starts from the day your good or service undergoes production. It is a significant way to generate great interest for your service and to ensure large number of prospective clients for your business. Marketing and business are two sides of the same coin. One cannot survive without another. Marketing your product without any business motives makes no sense and in the similar way planning to expand your business without marketing is near to impossible. Both are inter-dependable and are closely associated with each other.…

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Why To Opt For Mobile App For The Growth Of Your Business

If you are a small business owner and your business does not have a mobile app, then you surely need to get one. If you have a proper web presence along then it is no longer sufficient as online activity continues to shift to mobile. Smartphone apps have become very important marketing tool for small business owners no one can do without.   The use of Smartphone has been rising nowadays. As per statistics, Americans check their mobile phones at least once per hour. Most of the mobile phone time is now devoted to using apps. Nowadays people spend more time looking at the mobile phones than they do at watching television.   This rise in mobile-phone usage means that…

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Google App Indexing Driving Search Visitors into Apps for Facebook

Facebook now presently share a long bond friendship with Google so as to gain traffic from Google. Facebook is now focusing more on search engine optimization by properly implementing Google App Indexing to get maximum traffic with the modern and gradual shift to mobile continues till date.   Facebook Inviting Google’s Traffic   Some of the content of Facebook is allowed to index by Google dating back to 2007 when initially profiles pages of Facebook were opening up in Google and other search engines. Proper Indexing means Google can easily read all the content of the pages. In the search results of Google, these pages might appear.   This whole process of indexing offers benefits both to Facebook and Google.…

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Various Phases of App Marketing

If you are an app developer you know what amount of butterfly fly when you are about to launch your latest app in the market. You remain awake the whole night on the launch date, excited as well as apprehensive about its fate. App marketing is a specialized arena that needs skill to make it an amazing success. In this article advices from experts have been incorporated to help you avoid the bumps that they have suffered and later on searched hard to get an accurate solution. Those suggestions have been enlisted here.   Things to avoid One of the pioneer mistakes that people do is to try a Jack of all Trades approach that is soon after app’s launch…

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