Best Shopify plugins for your e-Commerce Store

Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms with 10% share of the market. Shopify has made a business of $100 billion in sales. It is user-friendly and offers exceptional backend support. This is the reason it became very popular among the developer and businessmen. The built-in tools permit the users to increase functions of the e-Commerce store and add new custom functions. One of the exclusive features of Shopify plugins is that it can enlarge user engagement, drive sales and extract more revenue. Over 5,00,000 merchants rely on Shopify to run their sites smoothly. These plugins manage everything from customer engagement, marketing, payments, secure checkout, and shipping. In my following writing, I have given you a list of best…

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Enlarge your Business with Mobile App

Everyone is trying hard to increase sales and productivity. Productivity can only be increased if the business person can grasp loyal customers with superior service. Presently every industry large and small are using mobile apps to escalate the growth. Noticeably, small companies are ruling better and return their investment in large businesses. Technology has evolved the market with a considerable positive result. Mobile has become social to know news and update about all affairs, these social media apps are used to converse and can notify push notification through mobile apps. Nowadays businessman chooses to market their business by mobile apps and through instant chat option they can easily get in touch with their consumers. The owners can keep track of…

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Killer Strategies To Market Your Startup Business Website

Table Of Contents: Introduction Why Should You Market Your Start Up Business? Ways To Market Startup Businesses Customized Website Don’t Just Sell – Engage Carve A Niche And Build Industry Credibility Use Search Engine Optimization List Your Business On Local BusinessListing Sites Use Social Platforms Don’t Ignore The Significance Of Mobile Apps Rely On Word Of Mouth Promotions Maintain A Good Online Reputation Make Competent Use Of Offline Marketing Introduction Transforming your dreams successfully into pragmatic ideas and implementing it for starting a business is definitely something that goes into your credit. But, that doesn’t guarantee that you will have customers flooding in from all directions. Startups need to invest a good part of their time and resource in marketing…

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Email Marketing: Alive or Dead

If you’re a regular in the digital marketing industry you often hear a question, is email marketing still alive? In our opinion utility of emails is still going strong and just 1 example will prove it. According to a telling statistics: Up above 200 million emails are sent in every single minute of day. This statistics proves that popularity of emails is still going strong with netizens, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. So don’t start to arrange for its funeral right now. This report would make you wonder: about 72% adult US netizens voted for emails when they want to be intimidated by companies while 91% among them prefer to receive promotional offers from companies via emails. Interestingly 73% business owners…

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Which is better for Advertisers: FaceBook or Google?

Popularity of FaceBook and Google is rising at an exponential manner and people often find it difficult to focus upon a single platform. Both FaceBook and Google AdWords have different sets of advantages and disadvantages with difference in approaches.   FaceBook v/s Google AdWords: Similarities Source: As we all know that both FaceBook and Google have great source of audience and both these platforms are ideal for PPC. Both these platforms offer models for paid advertisement in addition with availability of free advertising tools such as Google+ Business Pages and FaceBook Fan Pages. Through these pages you need not have to pay marketers in spite of being a great avenue for exposure. Key difference depends upon the motive behind…

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