Top Magento plugins for your e-Commerce Sale

Magento is in the top e-commerce platform list used by 12 percent of digital software owners, where Shopify and WooCommerce tend to acquire the most attractive position. Magento is an open-source e-Commerce platform, created using Zend Framework and written in PHP. In 2019, over 2,50,000 e-commerce sites rely on Magento. It is quite an impressive position as there are 1.5 billion websites in total on the internet. Top brands like Samsung, Ford, Lenovo, Vizio, Nestle, Nike, Foxconnect – from large scale to small enterprises use Magento Electronic Commerce CMS. Its versatile content management capabilities made it popular among the developers. It offers mobile-friendly and custom integration functions. In terms of security, stability, and support it proves to be an all-rounder.…

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Essential Steps To Develop Magento SEO Among Several URLs

magento seo

Table Of Contents: Introduction Statistics Acquaint You With The Real Story The Best Platform For E-commerce Website Fixing The Riddles Of Magento Duplication Management: The Biggest Dispiriting Factor Canonicalization- A Major Issue Area: Duplicate URL Pathways Area: Session IDs Area: Pagination & Layered Navigation Area: Internal Search Results Pages Connoisseur Notes of SEO on Canonicalization Duplicate Issues That Are Non Canonical In Nature Area: Product Feeds Don’t Forget To Consult A Professional Introduction Search Engine Optimization or SEO possess the power to make or break a website and the reputation of the brand, depending on the way it is used. When utilized in the best possible manner, SEO can guarantee to bring potential traffic to your website and can also…

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How Magento can Help you to Raise your Online Business?

In the present world of business one particular front is making great news with its proliferating growth rate and that is Ecommerce market. Out of the many open source and paid Ecommerce platforms Magento runs top with its dynamic set of features. For developing your Ecommerce store you can avail of its advanced and unique functionalities along with immense power of control as an admin. For different businesses customized, flexible and rich features laden Ecommerce stores can be developed for reaping maximum benefits. Some important features are as follows that raises the favorability of Magento.   Magento helps in creating various promotional offers. Magento helps in to increase the exchange rate. Online sale is increased by its improved price management…

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Developing the Display Credit Card CVV Extension

Magento Extension in General   For fulfilling the special requirements of an Ecommerce store, extensions for Magento CMS are developed. Based on special requirements and commercial worth of various extensions, we create them. This is because we believe that extensions should be built on the basis of a particular demand of client-project and not just to display one’s technical prowess. Excellent Magento extensions are built by our proficient developers so as to upgrade the functionalities of a client side Ecommerce store.   Both the Magento Enterprise Edition as well as the Community Edition is supported by an extension. Our developers not only create extensions but also update them for synchronization with current versions of Magento CMS platform. All technical supports…

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How to Host a Magento Website?

For a beginner Magento admin one of the trickiest affairs is to choose the right host. There are some criteria to choose the right host such as amount of site traffic or top requirements for running your Ecommerce website. Before delving deeper into the intricacies of choosing a host for your Magento website, let us see at the common features of a web host.   At first how will you define web hosting? For placing the entire web content on server, we need a web host. Options are available to host your site via your personal server but it is an expensive clue. Another option is to buy a certain disk amount of a server or taking it up on…

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