Google being the Almighty

“To search is to Google and to Google is to search”. The success of Google is evident when the company has made its name on the page of the dictionary as a verb. Two genius researchers, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin founded Google organization from its parent company Alphabet Inc. They started the journey as a search engine and witnessed a huge success within a few spans of years. The rapid growth of Google has triggered a chain of products beyond Google’s core search engine. It offers services like, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, for work and productivity, Gmail, for email, Google Calendar, for time management, Google Drive for cloud storage, Duo, Hangouts for instant messages and video chat,…

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A Brief Introduction Into The World Of Close Variants

Table Of Contents: Introduction What are close variants What To Know About Changes To AdWords Close Variant Keyword Matching? Why Close Variant Is A Big Deal? Keyword Matching Options Two Basic Types Of Close Variants Points To Keep In Mind For Close Variant Matching Why Use Negative Keywords To Avoid Close Variants? Close Variants Now Connects More People With What They’re Looking For How Google Helps In Enhancing User’s Experience? Close Variant Means Different To Different Advertisers Close Variant As A Relief To Advertisers Close Variants Upsetting Advertisers How To Control The Complexity Of Close Variant? Conclusion Introduction A large number of people who are interested in online marketing or who owns a business (of any sort) in this modern…

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How To Save Your Website From The Penguin 4 Update Of Google

After nearly a two year wait, the penguin Google algorithm have been updated again. This will surely come as a huge blow to webmaster making this the major release with Penguin 4.0. In this type of release, this one is the last release as Google now says that Penguin is the last signal well within the core search algorithm. All About The 4th Major Release Of The Penguin The algorithm Penguin was filter designed for capturing sites which are said to spamming the search results of Google working very like the basic way Google’s regular spamming systems might not notice. Introduced in the year 2012, this update has operated right on periodic basis. This Penguin will run filter and easily…

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How Possum Affects Local SEO Landscape And Ways To Overcome

Are you wondering what’s wrong with your local search rankings on Google? Have you faced tremendous fluctuations in the local search results? It’s all the outcome of the latest Google Algorithm, called Possum. This local algorithm update of Google has changed the scenario of the businesses on the virtual world and has turned the local search results upside down, making it more relevant and pertinent for the searchers. For every one of you who are still conflicting with the thought of what Possum is, here is your answer- Possum is the latest Google Local Search Algorithm that is implemented from 1st of September, 2016 for bringing remarkable change in the local search community. The name ‘Possum’ was suggested by Phil…

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How Cohort Report Helps in Measuring your Rate of Customer Retention

Good news for all online store owners! Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, you can easily do what they can’t. Why? Thanks to Google Analytics, you can measure your business success so easily. All necessary data regarding your business progress can be so easily tracked. Some of them are conversion statistics; total visitor fluctuations; measuring the CTR or Click through Rates and you can measure average time spent on your site. Just log into your Analytics account and voila! Still Analytics report has its own restrictions like how can you measure customer retention percentage?   Herein I shall quote a famous and commonplace statement, It is common knowledge that the cost of acquiring new customers is often ten-fold that of keeping existing ones.…

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