All Marketing Experts Needs To Check These 7 Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm fade

Table of Contents Introduction How to know whether you have hit any of them by any chances? The Seven Algorithm Updates By Google Google Panda Google Penguin Google Pigeon Google Hummingbird Google Payday Loan Google Mobile-Friendly Update (Mobilegeddon) Google Fred Conclusion Introduction Image source:¬† We all know the SEO is the inevitable choice for a website. But the reality is not all SEO proffer good results. There is no doubt that some of the optimization techniques is time-consuming, but tends to be a great choice in the long run. Others that deliver great results in a limited time might end up leaving your website in a dreadful scenario. Webmasters who are new in the realm might use this as a…


Barry Davis is a Technology Evangelist who is joined to Webskitters for more than 5 years. A specialist in Website design, development & planning online business strategy. He is passionate about implementing new web technologies that makes websites perform better.

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