Digital Marketing Trends 2017 For Businesses To Evolve Explicitly

Table Of Contents Introduction What Is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing For B2B Companies Digital Marketing For B2C Companies Evolution of Digital Marketing Different Arenas of Digital Marketing Reasons Why Businesses Should Opt For Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Trends Video Marketing- For In-Depth Market Penetration Live And Immersive Video Streaming- To Connect With Consumers On Real-Time Basis Content Is Ruling The Market- Attracting Relevant Traffic Mobile Will Be The Dominating Ones-Boosting On-The-Go-Consumerism Dedicated Apps with Augmented Reality Are Finding Their Way Data Visualization Tool Will Stand Out In The Market – Making Data Interpretation Easy Search Engine Algorithms Will Change Frequently- Helping The Best Sites To Rank High Targeting Niche Marketing- Bringing Companies Closer To Niche Markets Influencer Marketing- Efficient Way…

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