Search Advertising Trends in the Year 2016

Well it is certainly worthwhile to consider what is likely to occur in the search advertising in the year 2016 so that one can adjust to the strategy.   If considered Bing Ads, along with access to search data with adoption patterns and client interest, here are some predictions for the year 2016 and beyond.   Audience buying is right on Everyone’s mind Well the technology behind marketing is getting stronger; advertisers are now accessing real-time data to drive important decisions with serious impact on ad platforms which they choose to use.   There is still a lot of opportunity in the industry which targets audience right across channels which is a possibility which makes advertising more personally relevant making…

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What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Google’s Hacked Site Algorithm

googles hacked site algorithm

Well it is time for another of those moments when algorithms of Google are being roll out. The recent roll out is for spammy queries and hacked websites. The new Google Hacked Sites Algorithm will certainly impact nearly 5 % of all the search queries. The target of this algorithm is to remove hacked sites from the search results of Google keeping the search results very safe.   The Focus of the Algorithm The prime focus of this algorithm is to tackle spam given in the search results. Various legitimate sites are hacked by spammers and are often used in various abusive behavior like promoting low quality sites, malware, porn along with marketing illegal pharmaceutical drugs.   The Reasons behind…

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How to Add Rich Snippets to a Magento Ecommerce Website?

Aim of an Ecommerce website is to increase revenue through the hike of product’s sale to make it directly proportional to the professional look and feel that goes well with its being an extremely user friendly website. Rising popularity of an Ecommerce website heavily depends upon high search engine ranks as higher the rank, higher is its probability to be found in the search engine results. Approximately 78% of traffic comes from search engine results. Schema markups have embedded codes. Addition of schema-markups and rich snippets make it easier to different search engines to effectively parse and interpret information included in the web pages. It makes the search queries to be better served by search engines. Thus the SERPs (Search…

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Hiring Efficient WordPress Developers: Some Tips

Why do you need a software developer in particular a WordPress developer? Before replying these questions let me ask some more questions. Can you think of a scenario wherein a business is successfully running without a business head? Is it possible to prepare schedules or charts of a business without having a business manager? Can you look after an accountancy firm without hiring an accountant? Answers of all these questions come in the negative. Now going back to our first question it is clear now that to run a successful software development firm is not possible without hiring skillful and experienced software developers and in this stream of development WordPress is a useful platform. There is a positive trend seen…

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Extension of WordPress Using Custom Content Type


WordPress is reputed to put in unique functional contents that are absolutely out of the box. It not only handles open source contents but also CMS or Content Management Systems. Initially WordPress was meant for the creation of some amazing blog sites but it is no longer limited to it only. Nowadays some plugins help it to create ecommerce sites and one such plugin namely WooCommerce is extremely popular. One of the most important advantages of WordPress is its ease of use. It is easy for novice learners to use it. Among major disadvantages one is its commonplace lineage as many web developers hold it to be below par status. This is because according to them WordPress has limited functionality.…

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