Enlarge your Business with Mobile App

Everyone is trying hard to increase sales and productivity. Productivity can only be increased if the business person can grasp loyal customers with superior service. Presently every industry large and small are using mobile apps to escalate the growth. Noticeably, small companies are ruling better and return their investment in large businesses. Technology has evolved the market with a considerable positive result. Mobile has become social to know news and update about all affairs, these social media apps are used to converse and can notify push notification through mobile apps. Nowadays businessman chooses to market their business by mobile apps and through instant chat option they can easily get in touch with their consumers. The owners can keep track of…

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Top 11 Free Website Analysis Tools For Online Marketing Endeavor

Table Of Contents Introduction What is Website Analysis? Why Website Analysis Is Important? How Website Analysis Is Beneficial For Your Business? Free Website Analysis Tools That Serve As a Boon For Marketers Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools SEO Analysis Tool SEO Report Card Bettergraph Seo Analyzer SEOquake SEO Web Page Analyzer SEO Audit Tool Seoptimer Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool GTmetrix Get Started Today Introduction Since ages, marketing is serving as the backbone for all entrepreneurs. In its early phase, marketing was synonymous to Word-Of-Mouth promotion and since then it gave birth to various stems like print, visuals and audio-visuals. Recently, with the evolvement of technologies another stem has been added to this-it’s the digital. Digital marketing is grabbing a…

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High Performance Big Data System Works Excellently For Your Business

Table Of Contents Introducing Big Data Defining The 5 Vs Fundamentals Of Big Data System Diverse Data Sources Data Acquisition Storage Data Processing and Analysis Visualization and Presentation Security Of Big Data System And Its Impact IT industry is identified with huge, quality and critical data that needs to be utilized at the right time so as to meet the performance challenges that comes in the way of the success of any business. Several modern technologies and highly distinguished amenities are used to create a flavorful environment for the IT industry. The modern applications for data include the BIG DATA and the ANALYTICS SYSTEM. These are emerging as a critical system for data in the industry. These systems are immensely…

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How Cohort Report Helps in Measuring your Rate of Customer Retention

Good news for all online store owners! Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, you can easily do what they can’t. Why? Thanks to Google Analytics, you can measure your business success so easily. All necessary data regarding your business progress can be so easily tracked. Some of them are conversion statistics; total visitor fluctuations; measuring the CTR or Click through Rates and you can measure average time spent on your site. Just log into your Analytics account and voila! Still Analytics report has its own restrictions like how can you measure customer retention percentage?   Herein I shall quote a famous and commonplace statement, It is common knowledge that the cost of acquiring new customers is often ten-fold that of keeping existing ones.…

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