Budget Friendly Marketing Ideas for Small Business


Marketing forms an integral part of any small business. Well to plan the right marketing scheme, it does not need to break banks. There are many inexpensive digital locks as well as strategies which effectively helps small businesses to reach target audience to generate the right leads. Here are five effective tips which will consistently help to improve business without cutting any holes in the pockets.


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1. Stay to the point with the right email marketing


Newsletters through emails are considered to be the one with highest ROI of any tactic concerning digital marketing. They are certainly very easy to produce, inexpensive and is certainly an effective method for giving clients with personalized and relevant content. Clients usually prefer to receive marketing messages as well as special offers via email rather than any other communication channel. 91 percent of the consumers usually check their email daily so sending an email is surely a great option.


2. Balancing social media platforms


One of the best ways to reach target audience is to use Facebook Ads. There you will get built-in tools which will help you target specific demographics so that your ads are shown to the right people. Usually ads on Facebook are very attractive and after you have created an ad and chosen your audience, you can set the budget how much you are willing to spend. In fact you can set advertisement based on how much you want to run the ad.


3. Designing a customer referral program


Never underestimate the power of traditional word of mouth marketing strategy. A proper customer referral program will offers an incentive for clients and one can refer friends to the practice. You can develop a win-win strategy with free product with discounted month of service. It will boost the brand popularity as well as brand visibility.


4. Starting a small Adwords campaign


A right Adwords campaign is usually composed of sets of keywords which help to trigger specific ads when people usually search in Google with those keywords. Well to promote your business on a fixed budget, run a campaign which gives proper focus on your special area.

Be sure to include “near me” keywords. “Near me” searches in Google have increased considerably and is said to have doubled in the last year. As per reports from Google, nearly 50 percent of consumers usually conduct local searches on the smartphone usually visit the store well within a day leading to purchase well within a day. This helps people to make lasting minute decisions.


5. Editing and claim your Yelp listing


Yelp is very similar to word of mouth marketing as it helps people the opportunity to give honest reviews online helping potential customers to trust marketing campaigns. Try spreading the word or posting a sign to your office encouraging clients to check out on Yelp. Keep in mind that Yelp discourages businesses to ask for reviews as people will get reverted back because of that.

Another good option is adding a badge to the website. It will much time from developer time. With Yelp, you will get free tools like analytics analyzing the success of the account.


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