Promote an ecommerce site effectively with the help of Facebook Ads

With the increase in numbers of more and more online portals, the right kind of promotion as well as advertisement is very necessary for every ecommerce website. More and more people are now opting for online shopping for its easy convenience and wide range of options. That is why various ecommerce websites are now offering different promotional sale to lure more and more vendors to their website. Social media is certainly the best options when anyone wants to promote any ecommerce website. We often see promotional advertisements of definite products, special discount advertisements on different social media website like Facebook. It is certainly very easy to make Facebook advertisement for ecommerce website. It involves certain steps and the use of…

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Wishing you a very Happy Diwali – 2014!!!

Wishing all the customers and employees a very Happy Diwali!!! Subho Deepavali!!! – Webskitters

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Get money paid more easily with Apple Pay

Apple has launched a new application which should certainly be beneficial while operating financial transactions- Apple Pay. One can easily avail of these applications easily on iphones, iPad as well as Apple Watch easily. At a recent event, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook announced that Apple Pay will certainly add new dimension to the way People buy things online. Recently Apple has launched two new phones namely iPhone and iPhone6. These two phones are installed with Apple Pay for a safer and secure payment option. Partnership with 500 banks has ultimately resulted in the development of this new app, Cook says. Apple Pay works very similar to that of Google Wallet. This system was so developed so as…

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Which one is better for Ecommerce – Magento or WordPress??

Choosing the content management system for any ecommerce development website is very necessary. Online shopping has now become a daily household activity. As a result more and more online website is now being developed. It is not very easy to handle all sort of online shopping activities like shopping for a product, keeping track of product’s count. To handle all of these operations, one of the most preferred development services is Magento Ecommerce Development. Another CMS which is also fast developing as well as increasing in preference is undoubtedly WordPress. Magento vs WordPress Image Source: When to select Magento? Magento When one wishes to build large ecommerce website with thousands of…

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Google’s biggest search competitor is none other than Amazon

Well it is always race in the technological world especially with the rapidly developing web services. SEO services are seriously into prominence with the strive of each tech companies to be on top of the race. As obviously among all the tech companies, the name of the American multinational company Google is frequently heard. Given its rising popularity in the SEO sector, Google certainly has a wide lot of competitors. According to reports, Google’s Eric Schmidt has remarked that the organization is facing threat from all sides and Google’s biggest search competitor is obviously Amazon. Amazon is electronic commerce company settled in Seattle in the United States. The company was incorporated by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 on July…

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