Transformation of e-Commerce with the hands of Voice Search

Introduction Why Voice search is important in E-Commerce? Brand Visibility Voice Search Intelligence Voice search is easily accessible Multi-purpose Devices Transformation in Marketing Strategy The response of the Brands Get Technical with Smart Speaker Marketing Creative Skills and Action Final Discussion The presence of e-Commerce has remarkably evolved the whole face of the online market. The introduction of voice-controlled search has fuelled the evolution to shape the modern-day world even more advanced and simpler. Some advance platforms like Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri are extremely proficient in managing the tasks efficiently. You can book a taxi, call your friends, send messages, play songs and can command over any activity through your voice. It can be used as a…

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Best Usability Testing Tools for your application and website testing

Website usability testing is one of the fundamental steps before your website or application go live. Developers keep track of the minute details in this field. If your website offers negative user experience, it may reduce your customer base. It is extremely necessary to attempt the usability test before it gets launch. It allows developers to find out where your website is getting stuck. Based on the analysis one can rebuild or check the coding factors to improve the usability of the site to offer a better user experience. Usability Testing involves testing a website to find how agile your website is and how it performs. A variety of things needed to consider at this stage starting from sitemap, graphics,…

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Notorious Internet Fraudulence and Ways to Avoid Them

The Internet plays a huge role in our lives. With the emergence of technology business owners as well as customers are facing numerous incidents of fraudulence and business are getting affected for this notorious practice. If you are running a business or a regular customer of online business, you must know various types of scamming take place now and then. If you’ve already witnessed a case on the internet and if not, you must be aware of all the scams and take necessary steps accordingly. The increasing digital extortion is shaping as a bigger threat than online fraud. Phishing As the name suggests, it is a practice to fish sensitive information from people online. It can create a nightmarish situation…

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Best Graphic Design trend of 2020, that works for your brand

In online business, as customers do not get the chance to see the product directly, your customers rely upon how you represent your product towards your customers. “Ways to promote business has gone through evolutions and innovations over the ages. Promoting business in the pre-internet era was a completely different ball game altogether. However, business promotion online has also gone through change and improvement over the years. Depending on the latest innovations in the fields of graphic design.” Let us take a look at the top graphic design trends to promote business in 2020, designers can develop their strategy for promoting their business in upcoming days. Your Company logo should deliver the brand message Heavy, But Simple Fonts Specified design…

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Customer satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

when you are interacting with your customer face to face it is easy for you to know how you customer feel about your business and your product/services. Therefore, it is easy for you to stress your customer’s experience in an offline store. Thus, it is easy to recognize your happy customers who frequently visit your shop with their friends and family. If you are running a business online, it is unfortunately not easy to decipher whether your customers are happy or not, unless they leave feedback. Most of the customers refuse to give feedback after they make a purchase with you. As satisfying your customer is the key to earn success in every business you cannot be casual in dealing…

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