Dedication Has Brought Atanu Sarkar To Top 20 Entrepreneurs Of 2016

Atanu Sarkar

Atanu Sarkar, the CEO of Webskitters Technology Solutions Private Limited, has been placed among the Top 20 Entrepreneurs of 2016 by SiliconIndia-the largest community for the Indian Professionals, for his continuous endeavors, hard work, and diligence to help his company taste success by adhering to the industry standards. A distinguished and renowned panel of topmost CIOs, CEOs, VCs, Industry Experts and Editorial Board of Silicon India, was established to do a thorough analysis of the entrepreneurial journey of the selected candidates and to compare them against the industry standards. The list was finally shortlisted to the top 20 to introduce and highlight the individuals who with their out-of-the-box thinking and unsurpassed guts to reach to the apex of the market,…

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E-commerce Marketing Techniques To Personalize Customer Experience

This year digital marketers will revamp techniques for making user experience more personal in nature. Take for example receiving 360 degrees of customer information which will ultimately lead towards paving the way for better Ecommerce experience is one of its priorities. For this they will try out newer techniques and tools. A good example shall be the deployment of tools for managing digital analytics which then followed by customization of platforms will lead towards a multi-advantageous outcome.   An advantage of platform personalization is helping towards delivery of a more cross-channel and data-driven experience. Additional advantages will be getting full information on your customer journey through implementation of predictive analytics engine.   A joint study conducted by Microsoft and CMO…

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Search Advertising Trends in the Year 2016

Well it is certainly worthwhile to consider what is likely to occur in the search advertising in the year 2016 so that one can adjust to the strategy.   If considered Bing Ads, along with access to search data with adoption patterns and client interest, here are some predictions for the year 2016 and beyond.   Audience buying is right on Everyone’s mind Well the technology behind marketing is getting stronger; advertisers are now accessing real-time data to drive important decisions with serious impact on ad platforms which they choose to use.   There is still a lot of opportunity in the industry which targets audience right across channels which is a possibility which makes advertising more personally relevant making…

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Exclusive Features to Look in Upcoming iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Coming September is the expected date of iPhone7’s launch. This may possibly collide with the launch of iPhone 6c and iPhone 7 Plus. Around 42% of buyers planning to buy iPhones are waiting for its release. Study, conducted by Merrill Lynch and Bank of America have surveyed around 1000 customers. It has indicated that this may be impacting the sale of iPhone 6s. Among the people who are planning to buy iPhone 7, 51% are present owners of iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Predicted Features of iPhone 7 Source: Will come with shatter-proof screen Will be water-proof Will be dust-proof Camera having flush attached with phone surface Antenna bands will be placed at the phone sides Will be attached…

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Portfolio Bid Strategies: Advanced Addition to Adwords Automated Biddings

Successful Adwords campaigns are carried forward by a successful bidding process. Bidding helps you to correctly choose revenue driving keywords and specify other areas which bring in high profit. Now, very soon Google will roll out revamped automated bidding processes for Adwords. This year further Adwords updates will simplify formation of bid strategies which will perfectly align with performance goals.   Earlier advertisers received outstanding results after they implemented automated bidding strategies to their ad campaigns. It greatly improved conversions and in the end raising their ROI. Automated bidding strategies best optimize bids for every auction. New revamp will let you modify workflow in your favor.   It will let you directly add or create new items with your portfolio…

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