How A Aligarh Boy Became India’s Youngest Billionaire- Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Will you dream to be billionaires with just Rs 10 in your pocket? Well dream are costly but the person who wish to rise and touch the sky do believe in dreams and never lose hope even in difficult times. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, a person who always wear brilliant smile and handles his most difficult times. If you are wondering who Vijay Shekhar Sharma is, he is the youngest billionaire in India. Does it ring a bell? Paytm?? I guess we all use it. Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder of the online payment platform Paytm. This introduction is not enough for boy from small town Aligarh who became billionaire in just eight months. So let us delve deeper into…

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Right From the Books Of Famous Self Made Entrepreneur

Table Of Contents: Introduction Determinants of a True Entrepreneur Steps to prepare for before launching the start-ups Conclusion Introduction Image courtesy: Attaining success is not an easy task. There are lots of steps to climb to reach the ultimate dream which one desires. Lots of things makes an entrepreneur what he is- huge amount of determination, dedication, sacrifices, numerous sleepless nights and many more. We are sometimes jealous for their success but most of us are unaware about how they began their journey and how they attained and became what they are right now. Webskitters is taking you on a journey of some exclusive start-ups stories of self made famous entrepreneurs. Determinants of a True Entrepreneur Image courtesy:…

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A Brief Introduction Into The World Of Close Variants

Table Of Contents: Introduction What are close variants What To Know About Changes To AdWords Close Variant Keyword Matching? Why Close Variant Is A Big Deal? Keyword Matching Options Two Basic Types Of Close Variants Points To Keep In Mind For Close Variant Matching Why Use Negative Keywords To Avoid Close Variants? Close Variants Now Connects More People With What They’re Looking For How Google Helps In Enhancing User’s Experience? Close Variant Means Different To Different Advertisers Close Variant As A Relief To Advertisers Close Variants Upsetting Advertisers How To Control The Complexity Of Close Variant? Conclusion Introduction A large number of people who are interested in online marketing or who owns a business (of any sort) in this modern…

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SEO Essentials To Garner Maximum Traffic For Your Long Blog Post

Table Of Contents: Introduction SEO Essentials Which Is Must For Every Long Form Blog Post. Keyword Research Insert Long-Tail Keywords Making Use Of The Right H1 Tag Detailing The Right Subheadings Bringing In Schema Markup Sharing The Content With Right Influencers For Gathering Effective Back Links Optimizing The URL Creating Outbound Links Inserting Internal Links Make Use Of LSI Keywords Use The Right Title Tag Building An SEO-friendly Meta Description Making The Website Mobile Friendly Keep In Mind The Site Speed Optimizing The Body Content As Per Your Keywords Try Using The Focus Keyword Early On Keep In Mind The Keyword Frequency Learning About The User Intent Try Using LSI Keywords In The H2 Subheadings Keep The Social Buttons Easy…

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Your Rankings Dropped? Here Are Ways To Recover From The Shock

Table Of Contents: Introduction Reasons Why Your Website May Have Lost Its Google Ranking And Ways To Recover From It. Penalized Drop Of Your Website Demotion Due To On-Page Issues Link Issues Polishing And Maintaining Your Site Capturing Back Loosing Links Google Flux Conclusion Introduction Just imagine the shock which you might get when one fine morning you do the Google search of your keyword and see that all your hard earned ranking had gone into waste water. Well you surely might panic thinking of nearly 100 reasons about what had gone wrong and what you did wrong actually. Instead of panicking, what you should do is just relax because is the first step towards the goal of getting your…

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