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Google Algorithm Updates

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We all know the SEO is the inevitable choice for a website. But the reality is not all SEO proffer good results. There is no doubt that some of the optimization techniques is time-consuming, but tends to be a great choice in the long run. Others that deliver great results in a limited time might end up leaving your website in a dreadful scenario.

Webmasters who are new in the realm might use this as a weapon in an argument that SEO is unproductive, but the truth is different. Search engines are wise enough to filter good website from the bad. Especially Google is an expert in this field, as they can actually help experts understand their worth.

Google believes in advancement and which is why its search algorithm has witnessed numerous changes since it has evolved. Previously, low-quality websites could find some methods to find the top ranks, but to deal with these issues, Google came up with the algorithm updates.

And now, with the Google, the first principle is to focus on quality than it was in the past. If you have been in the genre for a long time now, you will know the judges that actually made it possible are “Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon”.

How to you know whether you have hit any of them by any chances?

Even when I hope not even in your worst dreams you face such a situation, but reality might hit you any day and anytime. One of the most common ways to understand you have disobeyed the rules is a sudden drop in the rankings and traffic.

Only these beasts for good can be the reason behind the sudden drop, but which one? Well, this is a serious question. The answer is it depends on what you have done on the website for all these days.

Either you have done too much or you have not done enough of something thereby disappointing Google where comes the big consequences.
So today let us check the biggest algorithm updates.

The Seven Algorithm Updates By Google:

Google Panda

Google Panda

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What Does Panda Do?

This is one of the most striking updates. Panda actually evaluates the websites on the content quality. Google does justice to everyone and therefore pages that will have quality contents will be rewarded top position while those want to challenge Panda, needs to go down.

Panda believes in better on page optimization.

What Disappoints Panda?

Low-Quality Content: Panda does not like bad contents. Website with contents that hurts your eyes and ears both is something that triggers Panda. This includes improper formatting, grammatical errors, distracting images, bad designs — as a whole something that will give a bad user experience.

Google wants users’ to enjoy their visit to the website.

Irrelevant and Unnecessary Contents: When any website has content that does not serve any purpose is never appreciated by Google. Panda wants relevant contents that will help users to understand more about the website.

Article Spinning: Making use of an article from another site and spinning the content to use on your site is absolutely a big no-no. Google prefers fresh talents and original contents so spinning is not a great choice. Even if you are thinking to take contents from a quality website, it will not actually be of any use as spinning results in hampering its quality.

Duplicate Texts: This often called “duplicate contents”, but Google’s Panda fires up when it finds chunks of copied texts. Images and videos are still understandable, but you need to be very careful when it is about the texts. If you copy and write in quotes, Panda will still accept but reusing someone else’s effort is a red flag.

If you don’t really want Panda to take some adverse action on your website, do not copy and paste texts.

How To Get Out of The Mess:

If you are sure that you have been attacked by Panda, the first and foremost action you need to take is to check the content quality.
Remove irrelevant contents, remove everything from the website that you feel can offend the users and out things that your users will be keen to know. All you need is to put some genuine effort.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin

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What Does Penguin Do?

This is the second one in the list that we are going to discuss and probably the next one to hit you. It has a lot of similarities with Panda, but it does quality checks of the websites based on various factors like their linked profiles. Backlinks are positive for a website when:

  • These are placed on the pages that are contextually related to the linked pages
  • These have contents surrounding them on the linked pages
  • These links come from different domains
  • These links are from reliable sources

Whereas, if your website has links from some shady sources, it will cast a negative impact on the rankings and Penguin takes good care of that.

What Disappoints Penguin?

Less diversity in the anchor texts: When the backlinks have bad quality texts and are linked to your profile, it has actually cast a major impact on your website. In case the text is same everywhere, this will seem to Google as an attempt of manipulation and hence can affect the rankings.

  • Buy Links: This is a major violation of the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines in order to get the links in exchanges or products or money.
  • Low-Quality Links: Another very disappointing step taken by webmasters is linking with low-quality links. When the texts surrounding the link do not have any relevance to your site and is of low quality, it is going to trigger Penguin. There is no doubt that you cannot stop people from linking but you have a choice when it comes to removing the pages you don’t want to link with.
  • Keyword Stuffing: Are you thinking how on earth is this taken care by Penguin, as on page is for Panda! Reality is Penguin also keep an eye on the unnatural and overuse of keywords. Writing meaningless sentence just for the sake of outing keyword will actually affect the ranking.

How To Get Out of The Mess:

When you have known that your website has issues with backlinks, all you need to do is to dig through the links you have. The simplest way to make a thorough scan of the website is “WebCEO’s Backlink Quality Check Tool”.

Once you have got a glimpse of the bad apples that have been stored in the basket, all you need is to throw them.

If you can get rid of the links manually, well and good, do remove them. If manually is not a great option for you, you can take assistance for the person who is managing the links that the contents have. And in case, both of these do not seem like a great option to you, there is another tool called the “Google Disavow Tool”.

Once you have thrown the links, it’s time to get the keywords right in place. Don’t keep them messed up; make them sound relevant to the content. Forcefully using the keywords does not make any sense until it sounds relevant and natural.

Google Pigeon

Google Pigeon

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What Does Pigeon Do?

If you are not new to the local SEO and you have already faced the circumstances, then you undeniably have knowledge regarding the ranking factors associated with it. But you have any idea that Google makes use of different search algorithm for it?

There are two algorithms — one is for making local search and another is the traditional web search. Such approach provides less result than the normal one. In order to make better cooperation between the two updates, there is a need for an algorithm update and this s where comes the discovery of Pigeon.

Are you thinking about the result?

The ranking of the particular website can be determined by the respective businesses’ distance and location from the users. The closer the business is, the higher its ranking will be.

Moreover, Google has lessened the 7-pack and recreated it in 3 pack, which was definitely a huge help for the users. However, for businesses, it can be a challenge and therefore they need to compete to get those top three positions.

What Result Can You Expect from Pigeon SEO?

To be very true, you will not be able to do anything regarding the distance between the users and your business, but for the users who are close, you can put some genuine effort to help the website rank higher in the search results.

Strengthen the position just the way you normally do with SEO:

  • Make use of location in the keywords
  • Create good quality contents that are related to your niche
  • Make links from the reputable sources
  • Make sure you optimize the website for the mobile devices

Don’t forget to optimize the website for local search algorithm:

  • Try to get more and more testimonials and positive reviews from the customers
  • Never underestimate the benefits of making business listings on Google My Business and Business Directories
  • Include the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) on the listings along with on the website
  • Make use of videos, images, and texts in the contents that are associated with the location
  • Pay attention to the structured data of the site’s pages

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird

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What Does Hummingbird Do?

Unlike the Penguin and Panda, the reason for this update is not to directly change the technique of website ranking. This update aims to enhance the search for itself.

Things that it checks to improve the search results are it interprets the intent of the users behind a query. This actually made algorithm return webpage most qualified for this task. By this, it actually made the context similarly valuable as the keywords.

What Can Be Expected Post Hummingbird SEO?

The emergence of Google Hummingbird actually initiated a new era in the search. If you are thinking how to meet the standards, you definitely need to emphasize on what actually the users try to search when they are online.

Mostly it is very easy especially when the queries are in question form. All you need is to offer apt right answers on the content along with being extremely humble to the audience. Provide details, contextually related words and synonyms. This is the reason why it is always suggested to research thoroughly on the subject prior to writing about it. This will provide your more information and make a strong vocabulary and perfect way to use them.

But always keep in mind that the only agenda is to help the audience, not to make them confused.

Where would you find the search-friendly phrases and keywords?

  • Look in the places where people are mostly interested like Wikipedia, blogs, Q & A platforms and forums.
  • Look for the keyword finder tools like “Answer The Public”, WebCEO’s Keyword Suggestions, Soovle and much more
  • Look for the Google’s search suggestions

Wikipedia is one of the greatest examples of optimization by abiding the Hummingbird rules. Ven when Wikipedia was created long before the Hummingbird update, thanks to the information rich contents which proffer huge information to the users. Users just need to type “what is” queries and Wikipedia will get you the answers. This is the same with the results appear for the queries.

Google Payday Loan

Google Payday Loan

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What Does Payday Loan Do?

Google’s updates have several similarities between each other like this Payday Loan has many similarities with the Panda and Penguin update. However, it is not confusing if you thinking. Each and every update is separate from one another. This update rolled out back in 2013 when the major decision of draining casino, high-interest loan websites and pornography was taken by Google.

This update was pretty simple and straightforward in compared to others. It mainly focused on making use of the risky SEO methods like spammy links in order to rank for the aforesaid keywords.

However, some websites have been naturally optimized for the aforementioned queries without using the span techniques were absolutely unaffected. In fact, there have been reports showing an increase in the traffic at a time when the competitors were going down.

How to Get Rid of the Mess?

Till the time you have genuine worked and never paid any sort of attention to black hat SEO techniques, Google’s Payday Loan will never be a problem for you. In case you have tried misleading, you are definitely going to pay for it. Nothing can save you unless and until you give up on using spammy techniques and emphasize more on white hat SEO techniques and make the site valuable for users.

Google Mobile-Friendly Update (Mobilegeddon)


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What Does Mobilegeddon Do?

One morning when you woke up thinking about the SEO techniques that you are going to apply suddenly there was a boom —- a new update rolled out. This definitely causes a little hazard but not as much as the scary names given by the experts. No website crashed or burned, it actually was a step to go with the advancement.

Everything that Google did was come up with a whole new ranking factor for mobile search in order to improve the user experience on small screens.

Such a step was taken to go with the increase in searches on mobile devices. All Google had to say was since the world is moving towards a mobile-first world, this was actually a great step. There was a need to adapt the changes in the devices as the searches are more in mobiles than PCs.

This Mobilegeddon update rolled down back in the year 2015 and later after that, there has a talk of this new and separate index for the mobile friendly websites. Finally, in the year 2018 and websites that have prepared early got added to the new index.

What Can Be Expected Post Mobilegeddon SEO?

A kick start will be if you can make whether your website is mobile friendly or not. In order to do this, you can use the WebCEO’s Mobile Optimization Tool. If you find a negative result or you are thinking to take a step ahead, how to do in accordance to this Google update?

The website requires meeting various requirements that need to be considered. All you need is to replace the “mobile” with the “user” and you will be able to resolve most of the problems. Mostly, mobile SEO is based on user experience.

How To Recover From The Mess?

Let us check how many of these have you guessed:

  • Large font: One of the biggest ways to save the time of users’ is to provide larger fonts than you normally use for PCs. Consider making the fonts larger which will catch visitor’s attention along with compelling them to scroll the page.
  • Responsive design: Developers need to focus on designing a website in a way that will be able to adjust automatically into any screen that is displayed on. This eliminates the need for zooming into and scrolling sideways.
  • No unplayable elements: How would you feel while you are searching something that you want to find instantly but unable to find as it comes with a message that “This content cannot be displayed on your device”. This does not only irritate the users but also compel them to boycott your website in future. This is the reason why it is recommended to avoid using such items and one of the biggest examples is making use of Flash.
  • Do not Use Interfering Elements: one of the most common UX killers is the popups that come up in between the page that suddenly distracts that concentration. If you really want to show the ads or keep a section for subscription them make sure you leave most part f the contents visible even after showing the ad. User experience will start taking a leap if you make the popups close easily.
  • Leave enough space for interactive elements: If you have placed any buttons in your website or checkboxes or you need people to like your page, all you need is to emphasize on putting the right amount of space in between. The only reason to keep enough space is that to make it easy to press and give enough room for the users to place their fingers.
  • Loading Speed: Finally, Google has revealed that the loading page of any website will count in the ranking factor. This is especially inevitable for the webmasters who want their site to become mobile friendly. As it has been observed that mobile users mostly close a slow website, making it load faster is the only choice, but how?

Don’t Use Excessive Codes: When a page has less amount of codes, it will actually have less loading time. Make the pages in a way that it is able to complete its job even by making use of minimum HTML, JavaScript, CSS and any other type of codes. One example of such os the AMP method which eradicates JavaScript codes fully thereby achieving more speed.

Image Optimization: Images are another major reasons affecting the site speed. Since these are packing with kilobytes and megabytes, these are filling the buckets. This is the reason why it is a necessity to reduce the size while keeping up the quality. Pick the finest formats and then compress making use of specialized services and software.

Google Fred

Google Fred

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What Does Fred Do?

Google’s Fred is the minor updates that are made every day. From the many, one update was troubling for the website owners and hence we will talk about that particular update.

Back in March 2017, many websites suddenly observed a drop in their rankings along with traffic. Webmasters who are already a part of the battle knew it was due to another update rolled by Google. Various research was made and the studies reveal that most of these victims had a few things in common and which were actually where the answer lies.

What Disappoints Fred?

  • Low Quality Content: Google’s Fred is better with websites with better contents. Fred will reward the websites as worthy if the contents have quality.
  • Poor User Experience: Fred is a bit picky about websites that disrupt the user experience. In case any website has popups covering entire screen and is not being properly optimized for the mobile, the outcome is definitely not rewarding for the website owners.
  • Aggressive Advertisement: Fred is definitely great for websites that focus on content more than ad revenue. This is the reason why a website with great quality contents and less advertisement won the hearts and being rewarded the top results.

How To Stay Away From The Mess?

There no rocket science and it is all the same. Just the way you have got into the mess, you need to do the opposite to recover from the loss. Everyone has ads on their website, but it is highly recommended not to make them their primary concern. The attention should be more on user experience and the content.

Your website needs to have contents that have the strength to be in the competition along with emphasizing on making seamless user experience.

Even in between all these problems, there are some websites that observed increase in traffic before the Fred update. This reveals that Google does what it says and hence stay vigilant.


You never know when Google will roll out the next big update that might affect your website. So be careful and keep checking your website.


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