7 Killer Steps for Creating your Web Specification Doc


Before starting your search engine marketing efforts you need to create a cohesive plan for building a solid foundation to your website and guiding your future efforts for optimizing your search engine marketing methods properly. Website specification doc underlies the blueprint of every architectural detail of a website. In this blog we shall focus upon 7 most important steps related with creation of a quality web specification doc.


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Planning is Vital if you Hate Failure


Recall your career beginning days. Whatever you had followed was the outcome of long days of planning. It included your dreams and goals to fulfill them. Same goes here. Before designing and developing a website you need to chalk a plan for it. Whole documentation relating to purposes fulfilled by a website and future path of its marketing are included in the website specification document.


Formulation of related questions and providing exact and explanatory answers is a good way. You need to include in-depth website study that includes potential competitors in your web specification doc. For an in-depth study of your website you need to sit with your design and development teams.


Web Specification Doc Should Adhere with Snow-flake Effect


Just like snow-flake effect, two web specification docs can never be equal. Take for example if you have developed an online store to sell 2 to 3 products then this will include around 15 or 20 pages in its specification doc. In other hand a news site or a big ecommerce site would require hundreds of pages inside its specification doc.


To simplify the work you can stick with a basic structure as mentioned below:

  • Document purpose.
  • Project description.
  • Front-end description.
  • Back-end specifications.
  • Use cases.
  • Conclusion.


Time is Important


Time is most important while handling a web development project and before beginning your web specification doc; you need to determine total time required to complete it. Then you need to allocate time for creating your web specification doc. For example a 15 to 20 page specification doc would require around 15 to 30 hours and a bigger website would require more than 50 hours.


With time, allocated budget determination is also important. You should keep in mind that time should be spent proportional with allocated budget. You should decide upon exact time you can put into making it without compromising other essential parts of your website development. Suppose you’re allocated 400 hours to complete the project then obviously you can’t put in 100 hours into writing your web specification doc.


Don’t Do Anything in Haste


Spend certain time to visualize your new website. Guided by your client specification and your aesthetic and practical experience as to which page should look how, you should start your structure drawings and draft wireframes. Prepare your project skeleton to decide upon the final output. You should start your project once you have an overall picture and long term aim.


Outstanding HomePage

[captionpix imgsrc=”https://www.webskitters.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/home_page_design.png” captiontext=”Source: http://bit.ly/1Na7CoX”]


First impression is the last impression”. While planning your website, the first thing you do is to maintain a gorgeously attractive homepage as nowhere more than here the proverbial account holds true. Links to all other important sections are included here. As you finish your homepage specifications, creating other portions become damn easy.


Simplicity is the Key to Success


Remember that you are making web specification doc not only for the developers or designers but also for the laymen group of clients. Usually they don’t have technical knowledge of JavaScript, HTML or CSS that’s why you need to specify everything as clearly and simply as is possible.


A simple web specification doc is the key to success for any website maintenance or redesign or redevelopment activity.


Deliver What you Promise


Before preparing your web specification doc be serious on promises made to your client. For that don’t make any non-feasible promise in your web specification doc and avoid making clients any impossible claim. Any later negotiation would make your client highly disappointed.


Making the Progress Easier


Creation of a well documented specification doc makes the ways for designers and developers much easier and is a boon for the project management team. In the end clients too don’t expect any hypothetical result. Detailed modularization of project and specific time allocation keeps down the cost of development.


A web specification doc is the founding stone of a strong and functionally advanced website. It also helps to keep a smooth relationship with your client.


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